One tasty and healthy vegetarian dish: chickpea and spinach curry

I am constantly on the look for more veggie dishes which do not require random or expensive ingredients. I have found a beautiful veggie curry which ticked all the right boxes


not too long to make ✔

not too many silly ingredients ✔

conforting & tasty ✔

easy to re-heat ✔

not too expensive to make ✔

AND one that can also become very easily a chicken dish by just adding a few pieces of poultry should you make it a non-vegetarian dish ✔

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Experiencing some Michelin star dining chez vous!

Who wouldn’t dream about organising a dinner party without having to lift a finger to prepare it?  ME, Me, Me for sure.


I love cooking but with life as a mum of 3 my time is often too limited to organise too many dinner parties at home.

Organising dinner parties is a BIG French tradition and one I definitely love. I still remember how often my parents would have friends around when we lived in Paris and I was a little girl, despite the fact we had a tiny kitchen AND no dishwasher. Yes, you read that right!

I have always loved hosting too: having friends around at your own place brings a personal touch you can never get when going out to a restaurant with friends.

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How to defy the signs of ageing

I can’t say I have ever worried too much about the ageing signs on my skin – I am quite lucky that people often think I look a bit younger than I am.



However, the brutal truth is that my face skin and my body (3 pregnancies + breastfeeding ) are definitely not what they used to be and maybe time has come that I give my body some extra TLC Continue reading

5 simple but delicious ways to cook white fish

It’s been a long time since I last posted about food. There is always too much to talk about and not enough time for me to blog and do it all with the family and life in general.

WHITE FISH: fresh or frozen?

Fish has taken a great place in our food at home. I am not a big meat person and certainly, I have gone off red meat in the last few years. I can still eat it but it is not really a pleasure anymore for me. L’Homme who used to eat a lot more meat has happily transitioned to eating fish so that’s a bonus and the kids enjoy it too.

I wanted to share with you today a few ideas on how to cook white fish.

Frozen white fish fillets

First of all, I would like to say that 90% of the time I use frozen cod fillets. Why? Continue reading

Investing in timeless fashion pieces or the art of curating

Red cloud bag

I don’t know if it’s me fast approaching my 40s or what, but this winter I am reviewing the way I am spending my money on clothes and accessories. If I am not quite ready to drop altogether the cheaper retailers – it’s hard to resist the purchase of a few new items ‘in fashion’ at times. However, I am now thinking that the time has come to buy a few timeless items that I will cherish for a longer period of time. I am also thinking that, if I shall deem them ‘timeless pieces’ I should be spending a little bit more money for better quality and longevity. Which pieces should deserve your money and better quality (if you have to make a choice)? For me I would want to consider:  a good handbag, a quality purse, a pretty classic looking watch, a leather belt, a leather jacket/suede jacket or a shearling leather jacket, an item with some cashmere…what would you add to that list? Continue reading

Hello 2018!

Hello all! Long time no speak! I had a very intense December with lots going on with the kids at school, the deadline for my photography project at College not to mention the Christmas preparation and the bags to do to go to be with my family in France. It would have been just about manageable except that the kids fell for a nasty tummy bug and were sick one after another (there was a lot of scrubbing and sheets changing I can assure you 🙁

Anyway, here we are, 2018.  Happy New Year dear readers! The year is yours, what will you do with it?

Let’s aim high and start making exciting plans!

Photo by _Zion_


I really enjoy taking a break over Christmas but normal service on the blog is going to resume very shortly 😀.

Thanks a lot to my friend Ziona for the excellent shot she took of me during the Open House London weekend. Go and give her a follow on Instagram.




2 excellent exhibitions to visit in South Kensington

Some people find exercising a good way to unwind and I like that too but my joy when I get a moment is to enjoy London’s cultural scene.

I have had the chance to visit 2 great exhibitions in South Kensington (southwest London) where 2 of London’s best museums are based: The Victoria & Albert Museum and the National and History museum.

  • The Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A

Victoria & Albert Museum

If you are interested in Fashion or just want to find out more about this exceptional Spanish Designer called Cristobal Balenciaga, this exhibition was really interesting. Continue reading

7 cover songs worth listening to

It’s been a while since I last did a post about music. I cannot simply live without music, it’s as simple as that, I love it too much.

I am normally not a fan of covers, most of the time, the cover does not bring anything new and just capitalise on the success of a previous hit. However, I have discovered in the recent years a few gems I would like to share with you today, some of them are even better than the original:

1/ Stay by Rihanna revisited by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The voice of Jared Leto (not to mention his bad boy’s look) is incredibly sexy and works so well on this track.

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5 new great products you should try out

I love trying out new products, there is something to do with my naturally curious personality. Sometimes I end up returning to the products I used beforehand but sometimes I find a few gems. Today I wanted to share a few recent finds of mine:

Method Anti-Bac

BAC method rhubarb smell : I discovered this brand – Method Products –  while watching one of the insta stories of my first midwife turned Instagram sensation Mother of daughters. She intrigued me. I mean, who can get excited by cleaning product? Sadly we still live in an era where ladies often get in charge of the cleaning so a good product with a nice smell can get us mildly excited. That smell is certainly heaven. Far less strong than your typical cleaning product as they prefer ingredients that come from plants (and not from harsh chemicals). They have a great range and you can find their products in most supermarkets. Continue reading