A peaceful corner in the city/Un petit havre de paix au coeur de Londres

Last Saturday was a real good January winter day: super cold, the air was crisp but the sun was there and really, this is awesome. I so much prefer it to all the mildness that we’ve had so far this winter. I love the fact in our Western Europe we still get 4 seasons even though Global Warming is affecting it all.

We decided to head out to London Wetlands Centre to enjoy the beautiful light.



L’Homme and I love walking and  as much as we can
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Nice new soul voice on the block/Une belle voix soul a decouvrir

She was #2 on the list of Sound to watch in 2016 and I can understand why.
Alessia Cara is a cool newcomer on the musical scene and I am sure we’ll hear a lot more about her in the months to come. Her voice will surely gain in maturity but this 19 yo Canadian has already got tons to offer!

A little bit of Portishead in the air with her soulful hit song ‘Here’ 👇

Elle était No2 sur la liste des nouveaux sons a suivre en 2016 établie par la BBC et je peux comprendre pourquoi. La jeune Canadienne Alessia Cara a du talent a revendre du haut de ses 19 printemps: une belle voix ‘soul’ qui ne pourra que s’affiner avec l’experience et l’age.

Ecoutez donc ce chouette tube ‘Here’ aux forts accents de Portishead…pour les amateurs.

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January Winter warmer/Un bon petit plat d’hiver

[Post in English and Francais – voir plus bas]

Last Sunday, the sun made a nice appearance after days of rain and grey skies. This was not a chance to be missed, out we got and off to Richmond Park straight away for a family walk. We are seriously lucky to have this fabulous park round the corner, so many corners and paths to explore. We sometimes take the car to explore another side of it as it can just be too far for our kids’ little legs.

The air was crisp, the sky was blue and the pale sun did us good. It was fairly windy in the park – always worth bringing a wooly hat and gloves when you go out there – but stretching our legs did us all good. Wellies were an absolute must for everyone – well, except for baby – as it was pretty muddy but that mud was not going to stop us enjoying a nice winter day.

Dimanche dernier le soleil a fait – o miracle – son apparition. Depuis que j’habite l’Angleterre j’ai appris qu’il ne fallait jamais passer une occasion d’aller se promener quand le temps le permet car la garantie que le beau temps perdure n’est jamais grande.

On a enfile nos bottes de 7 lieux pour aller dans le bois qui se trouve a 10mn de chez nous. Il s’appelle Richmond Park mais vraiment c’est un bois énorme ou s’y balladent écureuils, biches, cerfs et nombreux oiseaux. C’est une vraie chance d’avoir ce parc au coin de la rue, il est tellement grand que nous avons le loisir de changer régulièrement les parcours et nous prenons même parfois la voiture pour aller explorer d’autres sentiers qui seraient peut-être un peu longs pour les petits jambes de nos enfants. Les enfants marchent super bien ce qui est top



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New coffee indulgence/Un nouveau coup de coeur café)

[Post in English & French – see below]

Coffee, coffee, coffee…it’s a bit of a love affair. Not only do I need it these days (yes, I have a baby) but I also genuinely love the flavour. And the more I drink coffee, the more I appreciate good coffee especially as I drink it black.

I can’t afford though to get myself a freshly brewed coffee from one of the cafes around on a daily basis but my indulgence is a nice Nespresso cuppa. The lungos are my favourite.

However, sometimes all I want is a cheeky little dark cuppa. The other night in Westfield I stopped by the Nespresso store to refuel and I tried a lovely new flavour ‘Vanilla Amaretti‘….oh what a joy, this is really a delicious combo. You feel you hare having a drink with a treat, all in one:)

Café, Café, café…j’avoue que le plus j’en bois, le plus j’aime. Evidemment avec une toue petite puce il m’arrive trop souvent de manquer de sommeil donc le café vient colmater la brèche mais j’aime aussi sincèrement le gout de ce nectar. Pas les moyens de me payer un cafe au quotidien d’une de ces chaines de cafe mais mon petit luxe en étant beaucoup a la maison c’est de bonnes tasses de café. J’ai donc passe une grosse commande Nespresso et me revoilà bien stocké. L’autre soir, en allant faire des courses a une galerie commerçante (Westfield) qui est ouverte jusque tard le soir, j’ai fait une petit halte au magasin Nespresso pour me ressourcer et j’ai decide de gouter le nouveau parfum “Vanille ameretti”. Quel délice mes amis, c’est juste la bonne harmonie et ca donne l’impression d’avoir une petit douceur avec son cafe. Je vous le recommande. Goutez le et donnez moi votre avis!



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Christmas in Brittany (Western France)/Noel en Bretagne

Brittany in winter can be, like lots of places, a bit dull as nature is so bare. There is something about being by the sea though that makes it still a really nice refreshing destination.

We were lucky this Christmas to have good weather – considering all the floodings taking place in the UK – and super mild temperatures (we’re talking 15/16 degrees celsius!). We made the most of it and went for lots of nice walks by the seafront and on the beach.


My boy getting lots of fresh air

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