A delicious quick spiced coconut prawn dish/Un delicious plat lait de coco épicé et crevettes

The other day, l’Homme had a appointment with a specialist at the hospital. He had been worried about a few symptoms so I thought, I would welcome him back in the evening with a nice meal. I had cooked this dish before and he had loved it so I knew this would go down well. Ladies and gents, this is a spiced coconut prawn dish, not quite a curry but with lots of nice spices still.

plat edited

Let me tell you something to convince you to give this dish a try: it’s easy to make and does not require too many ingredients.
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A comforting sausage & leek pie/Une tourte qui a tout bon

🇬🇧 Hello all, seems like Spring is taking its time to make a proper appearance. We get lots of teasers but in the end, we always seem to revert back to cold and cloudy weather….oh well!  When the weather does not really want to cooperate, one of the things that help me to be more patient is to plan to cook nice, savoury and comforting food. I am here to share with you a wonderful pie recipe – another one from Waitrose  but this time, a recipe found in their  Kitchen magazine – which I have tried and tested on a few occasions.

It’s a sausage, leek and cider pie and it’s SOOOOO flavoursome (always a major point for me!)IMG_9837_1024 edited

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My love affair for Breton tops/Mon amour fou pour les marinières!

🇬🇧 I have something I need to face: I am slightly obsessive with Breton stripes. No matter how many  Breton tops I have got, every time I shop I seem to be attracted to all things stripey. I seem to stock up every now and then.

collage breton stripes

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Some TLC for my face/Aux petits soins pour mon visage

I have  had a pretty rough time lately with lots of illnesses at home and between the 5 of us it’s been non stop bug, virus  and oh teething for baby too. I have had such little sleep or such bad quality sleep:( I have just about managed to keep my head above water with coffee, motivation and knowing I just have to carry on cause….there’s no one else to take over during the day.

So when one of my lovely friends came round the other night and brought me these 2 Vichy products, I thought – here is someone who is a mum too and understands what my life is like at the moment!

I have always loved Vichy ads: clean lines, fresh water spirit, nice healthy models etc but I guess it’s the reputation of their Thermal pure water that they use in their products that was always in the back of my mind. I was keen to put to the test their latest Idéalia range and mainly their night cream and their eye contour cream.


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