Some TLC for my face/Aux petits soins pour mon visage

I have  had a pretty rough time lately with lots of illnesses at home and between the 5 of us it’s been non stop bug, virus  and oh teething for baby too. I have had such little sleep or such bad quality sleep:( I have just about managed to keep my head above water with coffee, motivation and knowing I just have to carry on cause….there’s no one else to take over during the day.

So when one of my lovely friends came round the other night and brought me these 2 Vichy products, I thought – here is someone who is a mum too and understands what my life is like at the moment!

I have always loved Vichy ads: clean lines, fresh water spirit, nice healthy models etc but I guess it’s the reputation of their Thermal pure water that they use in their products that was always in the back of my mind. I was keen to put to the test their latest Idéalia range and mainly their night cream and their eye contour cream.


The cream is in a nice pot which is totally fine when it’s sitting in your bathroom  but it’s a bit on the heavy side if you are travelling. The texture smells nice, not overpowering but a pleasant clean smell. The texture is great, smooth and not too liquid – it’s a gel balm – which means if you put it on like me after using a face wash (especially if you are in an area where the water is really hard like in London), your skin is begging for a richer texture to stop the unpleasant feeling of dryness created by the water and the soap. However, I must tell you the cream rich but not greasy. After a few minutes I feel I can put my head on the pillow and there won’t be some greasy streaks on my pillow case the following morning – a good point to be noted.

The following morning my skin still felt hydrated and somehow ‘rested’. I probably need a few weeks of that cream to see any improvement in my sleep deprived look and this probably won’t replace make up but it’s nice to start the day with a fresher facer and at least a hydrated skin.

The eye contour idealiser is a pen that is dead easy to use. The applicator – which on the picture looks very plasticey –  is actually very pleasant on this delicate part of the face and the texture of the product is light enough to come out of the head very nicely without clogging. I got a bit confused at first thinking it was going to be completely covering my dark circles as the cream looks slightly tinted but it’s not a concealer more a cream to treat your fine lines and the fatigued area around your eyes + a illuminator. Having said that, it’s still a good product.



The night cream can be purchased from any big Boots if you are in the UK or online via Essential (current online price  is £16.99). The eye cream can be bought from the same places. There is in April 1/3 off the French Pharmacy including all Vichy products on the Essential website which means the Eye contour care is £15.33 instead of £23 so don’t miss out!

Personally, I think I am a new worshipper of this range!

If you want to find out more about the Idéalia range by Vichy – click here