London’s fabulous Christmas lights/Les fabuleuses illuminations de Noel a Londres

This is going to be my last post of the year and very much a seasonal one! It’s all photography based as I am really enjoying my photography course and finally getting to grip with new techniques.

Christmas baubles on Oxford Street

I am so delighted to share with you those snaps I took on Tuesday night. Whether you visited/lived in London or maybe haven’t come yet to visit to this vibrant city, I am hoping this will put stars in you eyes:)

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Stick it on and keep it on!/Le sticker qui a tout bon!

Mynametag stickers on my computer

🇬🇧 We live in an era of electronic goodies and God knows how many cables we end up carrying everywhere we go! And these days between the various tablets, phones, cameras, kindles etc you can never leave your home without a charger of some sort.

🇫🇷 Nous vivons dans une époque ou nos possédons un sacré nombre de gadgets et outils électroniques, et nous accumulons une belle quantité de cables en tous genres.  Entre le smartphone, les appareils photos, tablettes, liseuses il est impossible de se déplacer quelque part sans se trimbaler un chargeur!

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Chat with a beauty expert Рget the latest trends/Conversation avec une experte beaut̩

I am so lucky that many of my friends are bright and inspiring women. I love them all for all the qualities they bring to the table, they challenge me and make me want to learn from them. My career may be something that I have put aside since becoming a mum but I still enjoy being inspired by my family and friends.


It is no surprise to anyone now but I love beauty products.

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Music to my ears/De la musique plein les oreilles

I discovered a little while ago a fantastic initiative called ‘Bach to Baby’ 🎹

Some of you may already know but I am a massive music lover 🎶. This is my #1 passion and I am not saying that lightly as you all know how much I love photography too.However, I know that if I had to go to a remote island, the thing I would miss most would be music.

Music for flute

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