Chat with a beauty expert – get the latest trends/Conversation avec une experte beauté

I am so lucky that many of my friends are bright and inspiring women. I love them all for all the qualities they bring to the table, they challenge me and make me want to learn from them. My career may be something that I have put aside since becoming a mum but I still enjoy being inspired by my family and friends.


It is no surprise to anyone now but I love beauty products.


One of my lovely friends is Lynne Hyland. She is that cool Health and Beauty Director at Notebook and Sunday Mirror that always look so glam and has the most envious work environment even though I know this is not the full picture.


I met Lynne when I did my first antenatal course with the NHS here in London back a few years ago  and when both of us were expecting our first baby.

Lynne and I had many mummy coffees and playdates along those years of friendship but I reckon our friendship turned a corner when Lynne – who had always bit so supportive of my attempt at doing some more photography -asked me to help her with an article and take before and after photos of her…..thighs and tummies. The poor thing had to parade in front of my lens post second pregnancy and even in front of a pal, you can still feel quite self conscious! Anyway she nailed the Power plate challenge and wrote a great piece about it:

Now because she is in the know, I thought I would pick her brains and share with you all her knowledge and views about the Beauty scene.


This is a little chat Lynne and I had the other night:

  • What is your earliest make up memory?

It was a good dose of fake tan with Mum’s Piz Buin!

  • what is your biggest mistake make up wise?

Frosted lipstick combined with a whitish foundation

  • what are you top 5 essentials make up items?
  1. a good foundation (clarins BB good covrage blurring wrinkles – get it here, Vichy dermablend – to get a product from this range click here
  2. a black mascara (maybelline lash sensational thin brush really impressed Lynne – get it here),
  3. brow gel (benefit brows gel – get it here)
  4. lipstick and blush (Bourjois)
  5. under eye concealer (Bourjois radiance cream one – get it here)


  • what are the current industry trends?

It’s all about glow and radiance, people want to have the option to have an instagram filter at home. Anti pollution products are also doing very well and so are skin masks (Beauty DIY) and cushion foundations.

  • What are the new brands to watch?
  1. The Ordinary by Deciem (it’s sold online at Victoria health),
  2. Soaper Duper (at Liberty London)
  3. Beauty Pie: this is a new beauty club which is really interesting. According to Lynne ‘Unlike those beauty subscription boxes, which can be a bit hit and miss from month to month, you buy exactly what you want and it’s all at cost price. As in, GOBSMACKINGLY cheap – it absolutely breaks the silence on how much it REALLY costs to produce posh makeup. The products are dead ringers for designer brands (there are some companies that might be tempted to get their lawyers to take a look!) but they are actually lovely, lovely formulas too, not just some disappointing pigments stuck in a MAC-alike case.

Check Lynne’s piece about Beauty Pie:
This cost-price designer make-up club will change how you buy beauty forever

  • what are your views on organic beauty products?

Lots of us are thinking more about what we put in our bodies and that includes beauty. There are lots more organic beauty ranges now and the quality has really improved. It’s great we have more choices that fit in with our overall lifestyle choices. However, you don’t know about cross pollution and when and where to do you draw the line. You still end up paying premium prices for those products

  • What are the new products to watch/try?
  1. oil cleanser: It takes off everything and don’t sting your eyes. Elizabeth Arden is Lynne’s favourite’s. Get it here
  2. Hair mask Redken heatcure – to buy it, click here
  3. Spray moisturizer (like Aveeno) – get it here
  4. Tom’s pellereau shellac remover style fab Stylfile – remember that winner from ‘The Apprentice’ a few years ago –  which is fab if you want to remove Shellac gel varnish at home and stick on nails (elegant touch)
  5. Plantur 39(hair thinning/hair loss) – find the range online here

You’ve got it all guys. Advice and comments from your Beauty Expert. Follow Lynne Hyland on Twitter or her articles in the Mirror’s magazine every Sunday or online.