My latest musical discoveries/Mes derniers coups de coeur musicaux

I have not shared a few of my latest musical finds and crushes for a long time. I know that typically my musical discoveries posts are not always the most popular ones on the blog but music is something I don’t think I could live without (I know this sounds pretty dramatic but…it is!).


Sometimes you need a few nice names to refresh and update those playlists of yours and this is where I come:)

Here are my new favourites in this beginning of the new year: 2 French singers who happen to sing in English and 3 British artists, yeah! I have posted a few youtube links so that you can listen to the music mentioned straight away and see whether you like it.

RAG’N BONE MAN: Rory Graham aka Rag ‘N’ Bone man is a soul and blues singer ‘deeply rooted in the annals of the past but positioned firmly in the present and future of the underground UK music scene’ as described by an article in ‘High in Focus’. The guy who has the physique of a Vicking and is heavily tattooed comes from a very music orientated family as both his parents were into music (his mother an acclaimed singer and his father an accomplished guitarist) and I guess that explains why it feels so much that the guy oothes music so naturally.

I am pretty sure most of you would have heard his song ‘Human’ which is terrific which was #1 in many countries.

As I started listening more about the guy, I realised his voice was extraordinary powerful AND moving at the same time. He is my absolute favourite at the moment and I think he is heading for a fabulous career,  Sam Smith’s style. It had been a while since a mal voice moved me that much – last great guy was Jack Garratt – but Ragn’s bone man is truly an artist I can’t wait to hear more on the radio. Funnily enough he is from Uckfield, that very same town where my in-laws live so that made laugh quite a bit cause I know what that small town in East Sussex looks like.

Listen to that amazing song ‘Skin’ …that got me really emotional. What a beautiful song and interpretation, I doubt it won’t move you too!


Read more about Rag’n Bone in those articles:

THE COURTEENERS: they are an indie rock quartet from Manchester. I heard one of their songs on my favourite London station – radio Jackie – and shazam‘ed it immediately to find out who was the artist behind it. I have since listened to quite a bit of their music and these guys are brilliant.

Check their brilliant latest release ‘The 17th’ – somehow for me it had ‘un je ne sais quoi’ of some of great 80’s classics:

TALISCO: A French singer who sings in English. Yep, and he is pretty darn good. The guy and his band toured so many places over the last few years, I think he is really making his name as a live artist.

I discovered him a few summers ago with his first hit ‘Your Wish’ which I adored immediately

but I’m loving the sound of his new album especially this song ‘Stay (before the picture fades’)

And because we cannot not mention a couple of nice female artists here are my 2 chouchoutes:

JAIM: all right, all right all my French pals will be shouting ‘She is old news’ but although the girl became famous in 2016 she is still not well known outside France. This 24 years old girl sings in English and brings a lot of her African childhood influence into her music and it is really catchy and original.

She is the artist who was the most programmed in Music Festival in France over the summer 2016….if that’s not a good sign of where Jaim is heading?!

More about Jain’s biography here

RAY BLK ( which stands for Building/Living/Knowing): She has been selected earlier this month as the winner of BBC Music Sound of 2017

This 22 years old from South London is already showing a fabulous soulful voice in her R&B music with a retro twist –  I like her…a lot! Influenced by Missy Eliott and Timbaland she writes are often pretty autobiographical and has managed to remain totally free from the backing of a record label giving her total free reigns. A must! Freedom has no price.

Read more about this new up and coming artist on this article

Have a lovely music