Affordable fashion: 3 nice jumpers/Mode a prix abordable: 3 chouettes pulls

Hello all, with half term and the 3 little ones at home with me, I had a very full on week. We had good fun and I tried to make it as enjoyable as possible for the little ones but it just meant little time in my hands and a very tired mummy (me!) at the end of this week….phhew!

This morning I finally met with my blogger pal Josephine from Chic at Any Age to shoot a few pics for the blog. It is nice to meet with someone who knows how to take good photos and is patient with my awkward posing;)!! I have got tons to learn before I can look a bit more natural on that side of the lens but Josephine did not bat an eyelid.

H&M light blue jumper

Now, on to a bit of fashion. Since becoming a stay at home mum, one of the things I have struggled with is the lack of financial independence. I was quite late to get on to the working world as I studied for 5 years, did a year of working experience and battled a few health problems. I did have lots of ‘little jobs’ from baby sitter to waitress to French Teacher… but I really enjoyed earning my own money and ‘being in charge’ of my spendings and savings. I can’t say l’Homme deprives me of anything but there are always more important things to spend our money like clothes or activities for the little ones, saving for a holiday…getting new clothes for myself is definitely not a priority anymore – not that I have much time to indulge to be honest. However, I am one of those persons who likes dressing well and enjoys fashion. For me, it’s not so much a statement, it’s a way to look after myself, it’s a way that makes me feel feminine & confident when I get out of the door. I would love to say I dress to make my husband proud but half the time he does not even notice my new purchases…ahhh, men!

Still wanting to look the part I have over the last 3 months invested in 3 nice jumpers (yes, the winter in the UK is…rather long) so it’s the sort of piece I know I will use quite a bit!

  • This light blue knitted jumper from H&M is so super soft (it has mohair) & warm which is a massive bonus when you are like me constantly shivering in winter! It is also long enough to cover my lower back which is a big bonus. I hate nothing more to reveal my underwear when I bend to pick up the little ones!!!

H&M long light blue jumper

I am carrying this ‘Guards and friends’ foldaway bag from Cath Kidtson which is so useful as it takes no room when folded but is also super pretty and practical when I am out and about and may be doing some shopping. In the UK shops don’t give plastic bags anymore –  which has been a good thing for our ecology – but it means you need to be equipped with a recycling bag at all time.  I love the print of mine as it’s SO London!

Guards and friends foldaway bag

H&M long light blue jumper

H&M light blue knitwear

  • I set my eyes on this slogan jumper after a blogger I follow mentioned it in one of her vlogs. Hannah Gayle is much fun to read, certainly more a blogger who writes for girls in their 20s but I have fun reading her posts and she features nice stuff in my ‘reasonable budget’ bracket so thanks for that Hannah! It’s a number from Matalan. A shop I had not entered in years. Not that I was snubbing it but there is none near us and I never thought about checking them out but they do have a few interesting items. This jumper was £16 and it will be fun to wear it at the beach this summer as it’s really lighweight.

Matalan off white slogan jumper

My cute little red bag is from a previous collection from Gap but you should check out their new Spring/Summer collection. I have spotted this baby blue cross body bag which is really tempting me (price online is £24.95)!


Matalan knitwearMatalan Dreamer knitwear

  • It’s my little fashion crush, I love a little bit of frills and this jumper ticked the box. It’s a little number from NEXT in navy (also comes in pink and ocre), a colour I am finally loving again. I wore it lots as a child and needed a break from it when became a grown up but it’s really a nice colour. Especially in summer so I hope I can make good use of this nice jumper in the months to come. Don’t buy the tall size even if you are super tall. I am 5 foot 9 and the tall size was just way too long on the sleeves so stick to your usual standard size unless you are petite. I must say I had to deal with Next Customer service to change size and they were great!

Ok so by the time Josephine took these pictures, my cold and headache had intensified and I can’t bear to look at my own face on the pictures so I thought it would be safer to chop my whole face ‘French revolution’ style for the sake of my pics;-)!!!

Next navy frills jumper_p1a3255internet


I hope this little post will find you well. What are you go to brands for ‘budget fashion’? Drop me a line below in the comment below, I would love to hear from you. Julie x


A big thank you to blogger Josephine from Chic at Any age for taking those pictures. Josephine’s blog is directed at more mature women and is full of amazing style ideas. Race to her blog to check it out:

8 thoughts on “Affordable fashion: 3 nice jumpers/Mode a prix abordable: 3 chouettes pulls

  1. Great post. You are definitely looking much more comfortable in the photos. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the mention and the link to my blog.

  2. I like thrift shops, I look for quality brands in classic styles that won’t go out of style. Then I switch up the accessories.

  3. The light blue knitted jumper from HM te va à merveille et te donne un look branché
    Mais c’est l’avis de ton Dad!

    • C’est gentil le Papou de commenter! C’est vrai que le bleu ciel c’est quand même flatteur comme couleur pour les bruns comme les blonds en plus. Je suis bien contente de cet achat et que ce look te plaise ☺. Gros bisous

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