My first anniversary of blogging – thoughts and plans

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Jaf in the box, the blog, is 1

Jaf in the box – the blog – is 1! The blog went ‘ live’ about a year ago today – I got a little message from WordPress at the weekend reminding me about this 1st anniversary – and it’s been quite a journey. What have I learnt? What are my plans? When do I blog? Which are my favourite blogs? This is what this blog post will be all about.

I have learnt lots about social media, the blogosphere and lots of techy stuff too over the last year even though I still have a mountain to learn. This blog all started as a creative outlet and as a way to publish some of the many photos I take and share some of the things I enjoy in life. I must say, in spite of all the ‘behind the scenes’ hard work that goes into writing a good blog post, I have really enjoyed the creative process.

I want to say a BIG thank you to each of you for coming along to my blog and reading week after week my humble posts and/or commenting. It feels really special to be able to be read in so many different parts of the world!

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With the internet being able to reach people on the other side of the planet, a blog can be read from nearly anywhere in the world. I still find the idea quite unreal at times. I hope this blog is just a nice little distraction to each of you and provides sometimes a bit of inspiration too….who knows?


I tend to work in the evening after the kids are in bed and l’Homme and I have had diner which means

a) I watch little if no TV

b) I often end up going to bed waaayyyy too late! But I am not complaining, I just need to learn to be a bit more reasonable with my bedtime 😉!

In order to mark this first anniversary I decided to take a big step by owning my own blog name (no more wordpress word attached to my domain name). I toyed with the idea for a long time and after much research I thought I was  finally ready to make the jump. This blog is no longer but just  What it means – without boring you with the details – is:

1/I am having to pay to have my blog hosted by a company (bluehost for those who would like to know)

2/it should give me a lot more freedom to format my blog the way I would like it to become (whenever that happens)

3/ lots and lots of new tools but that also equates to a lot of technical aspects which  I am trying to adjust to. I must admit I am finding it very time consuming and slightly overwhelming at the moment. I am just hoping this will only be like that for the first few weeks and then I will be well, I hope flying;)

4/ those of you who had very kindly subscribed to my blog will now receive every new blog post from my new address.

What is the blogosphere like?

The blogosphere is an interesting world where you will find  super successful bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers and those with less fellowship but which are nonetheless interesting (actually they are often more authentic). Blogging has become hugely popular over the last few years and with the number of internet users still increasing there is still room for expansion. A really good way to familiarise myself with this online world was to connect to Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is a portal gathering thousands of blogs which are then organised by category. If you are into DIY, beauty, photography, family, cooking… you can find similarly minded bloggers out there. I learnt a lot from other fellow bloggers by just reading their posts and following them on various social media.

Although I read the news and listen to the radio every day of the week for all serious subjects sometimes it’s nice to have a few light hearted reads too. Reading blogs is my little guilty pleasure and a nice distraction from all tragic, political or upsetting things happening around the world.

What is my true objective as a blogger?

I want to continue writing about the things I enjoy in life with an honest appraisal and critique. I would like to apply the same philosophy to whichever product I may feature on this blog as I feel it’s important that it is truly authentic and thus represents what I really believe. In every product reference, whether it’s a piece of clothing, a beauty product or even a place to visit…, I will always give you my true feelings whether they are good or bad.

Which blogs do I currently read?

My favourites are the following:
  • My favourite: Love Taza. It might be a coincidence but she is also a mum of 3  but based in NYC. She is a super fun, positive but nonethelss down to earth girl and I like her inspiration.
  • The sweetest: Gal meets Gal An American girl and her husband posting quality pictures. Mostly fashion based. She may not be your exact cup of tea fashion wise but she is charming and her blog looks super pro.
  • The Fashion traveller and foodie: The Londoner. An English girl who spends her life travelling the world or eating fabulous food in London. She has great fashion style. Quality photography is a massive attraction to her blog however her constant travelling can sometimes makes me feel slightly disconnected to her.
  • The ‘girl next door’ type : Lemon Stripes. An American girl who shares all sorts of things but she is super down to earth, writes her blog post like she is writing to you as one of her friends. The sort of blogger you can really relate to as she sounds genuine.
  • The amazing fashionista: Margo & Me. She is this super pretty American girl who produces the sleekest blog posts and is so super professional. Her sense of high end fashion is a great source of inspiration. Her husband takes fabulous photos.
  • The cutest French blogger: Mode and the City. I love this Parisian blogger who blogs mostly about fashion &  beauty but really represents an excellent exemple of feminine and pretty French style. She also sounds a pretty down to earth girl which I like a lot.
  • My favourite style: Jess Ann Kirby. This American blogger is my blog goal in term of fashion style: I love pretty much everything she wears and her partner takes great ‘not so posed’ pictures and she is clearly photogenic. I also follow her on Pinterest for additional style inspo.
  • Beauty One: Make Up Savvy. She is such an honest beauty blogger and will constantly post some great finds on Ebay too which are so brilliant.
  • The most photogenic one: Barefoot Blonde. Another American blogger with a cute little family. I love looking at her blog as the photos of her travelling and her family are amazing. She has more than a million followers on Instagram and I don’t know how many readers but if you want learn from the pros, she is one to follow.
  • The funniest one: Hannah Gale. Hannah is a British girl in her twenties who writes stories of her life and her affordable fashion buys. She is pretty funny and has great wit too.
  • The classy one: I could not NOT mention the blog of Chic at any age. Even though this is a blog targeting women in their 50s and above, Josephine, a British lady, is always a step ahead of the game and has the most fabulous sense of style that will inspire you no matter your age.

Personally I hope my photography skills continue to improve in the year to come as I continue with my course at College and I can provide you with nice pics and good content.

Let me know if you have any blog recommendation in the comment box below and which post you like best.

Have a lovely weekend!

Julie x

Photo taken in the reflection of a pair of sunglasses



7 thoughts on “My first anniversary of blogging – thoughts and plans

  1. Gosh – a year has gone quickly. Well done you – I so enjoy your posts and the images you create to go with them.

  2. I ended up on your blog today after you left a comment on Daphne’s modeandthecity blog. A lot of your favorite blogs are also ones that I read so I am thinking we might have common tastes. Now I am curious to discover more of jafinthebox. Congratulations on one year of blogging !!

    • Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment Frederique – I appreciate it – and welcome to my blog. How funny that we both seem to follow the same blogs. My blog will probably look less polished than those mentioned in my blog post (I am no professional blogger and only tend to blog in my evenings as I am currently a stay at home mum looking after 3 little ones and a part time photography student.) but I still hope you enjoy my weekly post in the months to come! A bientot! Julie x

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