A tricolour vegetable and goat cheese tart with Jus-Rol

We are just back from a wonderful holiday in Spain and I am slowly readjusting to normal life here in London. Before we headed out, I was on a mission the clear the fridge and it’s always tricky to avoid any wastage. Dedicated to using most – if not all – of our fresh stuff I prepared this delicious ‘tricolour’ vegetable and goat cheese tart with a Jus Rol puff pastry.

Just rol puff pastry sheet

This vegetable tart is easy to make and yet, it’s delicious. The time-consuming bit is slicing all your vegetable but it should not take you more than a good 10mn so it’s not really that bad.


1/I get my puff pastry sheet out to let it soften a little

2/ I used mushrooms, tomatoes and courgettes which I thinly sliced.

3/As tomatoes and courgette can make the pastry quite soggy, I brushed the pastry with egg white which makes a good difference.

egg white

3/ I positioned all my vegetables in a nice looking way

Thinly sliced courgettes Vegetable tart in the making

4/I cut a whole buche of goat cheese (the more the better…you know I am a real cheese lover!).  I also added some thyme (fresh one would be better but I used some dry one which was fine).

Chavroux goat cheese

Ready to be cooked tart

After I added a whole lot of dry thyme….off into the over it went….and, 30mn later: DING DONG, your meal is ready!

Pipping hot vegetable tart

Navy ruffle jumper from Next (lots of similar style can be found here) and skinny green cargo from H&M

Add a few salad leaves with a drizzle of olive oil and your dinner is on the table. Personally, this is always a joy to eat vegetable tart (and you can use any kind of vegetable you might have at home). I eat less and less meat these days and I don’t tend to eat proteins more than once a day as I reckon I eat a fairly balanced diet overall.

Cheesy vegetable tart

What do you think guys? Ready to give it a g o? The Jus-Rol products are so convenient and really good quality, I can certain recommend them! Check them out in the chilled section of your supermarket.




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