My new Fashion crush is called….HUSH!

It’s taken me ages to find my style fashion wise and I made lots of mistakes over the years. Looking at old photos, I cringe in horror! Pinterest has massively helped me to find what I think is ME (I created a My style board which was a good starting point!) In terms of Fashion shopping, I have often bought clothes from a variety of shops but none has never quite matched my newfound style. Well, that was until recently as I finally came across a brand that covers nearly all my styles and needs: it’s called HUSH.

hush image.jpg

I saw flashing it a few times on my Facebook feed and it’s only when my first midwife Clemmie Hooper who has since become a bit of an Instagram sensation (she goes under the username of Mother of Daughters) mentioned it in one of her stories that I thought I ought to check it out. I was blown away: beautiful modern style, nice colours, shorts and dresses are not too short (yes, nobody wants to show off their cellulite or risk showing their underwear as they pick up their child or bag).

Being a tiny blogger, it’s tricky to establish collaborations with big brands.  I always prefer featuring the clothes I like or want to recommend you since it’s just a bit more personal but this time, I could not wait to tell you about this brand (this post is NOT sponsored) and share the love, hoping you will like it too.

I have done a little selection of my favourite items on their website so here it goes:

  • My fav’ trousers

the relaxed flowery one & the stripey one

  • My favourite skirts

The ankle length one

The wrap buckle one

  • My favourite dresses

The off the shoulder one

the chambray one

  • My favourite tops

The off the shoulder one pretty boho one

  • My favourite shorts

The denim ones

The chic ones

  • My favourite looks of the whole Spring/Summer collection

Denim and baby pink blazer

Denim jacket and white dress

What do you reckon ladies? Has anything caught your attention? Make sure to zoom to Hush website for more browsing and happy shopping. The more I look at this post the most I feel that I can’t wait to buy a few pieces whenever I get the budget!

Have a lovely weekend. Julie xx


9 thoughts on “My new Fashion crush is called….HUSH!

  1. Oh j’aime tout, je veux tout ! Je vais aller faire un tour chez John Lewis je crois pour voir ça de plus près 🙂
    La marque chez qui j’achète une grande partie de mes vêtements et qui correspond tout le temps à mes besoins et mon style c’est Jack Wills, mais changer un peu ne me fera pas de mal !

    • Merci de ton petit mot Sophie. Merci de me refaire penser a Jack Wills. Lors de ma derniere experience dans une de leurs boutiques (ce qui remonte a un moment), je trouvais que les jupes et robes etaient un peu courtes pour une trentenaire et maman de 3 enfants comme moi. Qu’en penses-tu? Il faut que je regarde a nouveau leur site. Bisous, Julie

  2. J’adore! Pour quelles pièces as-tu craqué?
    Quelle dommage qu”ils ne livrent pas en France! #frustration

    • Hélas rien encore ma Mimi. Pas trop le budget pour l’instant 🙁 ce qui est rageant vu toutes les tentations que j’ai! Mince, pas encore de livraison en France. Je suis sûre que ça va bientôt débarquer dans l’hexagone! Bisous

  3. I checked it out and immediately ordered the striped cotton sweater -it is just what I am looking for!
    So a big thanks for this recommendation and I am now on their mailing list.

    • So pleased to hear Pandi. I really love this brand, if it wasn’t a budget issue, I would nearly everything from their collection ! Can’t wait to see you wearing your new sweater soon. Julie xx

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