My 10 favourite​ healthy snacks to power through the day


Healthy snack options

Hi all, I hope you’re having a good week. I am a nurse on duty these days with one child after another falling with illness…Being a mum is mentally and physically demanding. I always take a big breakfast (my favourite meal of the day as mentioned in a previous post) and don’t need to snack until lunch time in general. But in the afternoon, it’s a whole different story. I have moments of low blood sugar, low energy and I need substance and snacks to keep me going. Since the little ones love their afternoon snack, especially when the older 2 come out of school, my grocery cupboard is always full of treats. However, their snacks are not always the ones which are good for my waistline!

Following a nice holiday in Spain and Easter, I have lost my good habit of healthy snacking. I have felt so tight in my trousers lately that I thought I ought to face the scale. And yep, I gained 2 kgs (4.5 Lb). Bummer! I am certainly not going to lose sleep over it but I need to get back to good habits. It’s not so much the 2kgs that are bothering me – although the timing is not so great – it’s the uncomfortable feeling of tightness in my 2 favourite jeans.

So I went to a few of my local shops to stock up on my 10 favourite healthy snacks and I thought I would share the list with you:

This list is an alternative (or a complement) to fresh fruits and vegetables.


1. Nuts

Cashew nuts


I have a very strong spot for cashew nuts (the non-roasted, non-salted or sweetened version) but almonds are meant to be very good for you. I buy them from my usual supermarket and are pretty easy to find in general.

2. Seeds

Good4u Salad super seeds


I have found this pot of seeds ‘Good 4u’ in the salad section of my local Waitrose and gave it a try. I must tell you they are delicious and can be used as a topping on your salad, soups or pasta but I also love them as a snack. They are a big hit with my 6-year-old girl and have very good flavour.

3. Corn crackers & Oatcakes


Corn crackers have a nice flavour and a nice crunch that rice cakes don’t have and it’s only 29kcal per thin (and gluten free!). I bought these in Sainsbury’s and they come in handy small pockets of 4 but Corn Thins are sold in most supermarkets.


Oatcakes’ texture is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a non-wheat based product like the corn crackers which means it stops me from feeling constantly bloated. The fine ones are really moreish.

Nairns is the brand of reference for this kind of products but Waitrose own brand’s ones are as good (and a tad cheaper)

Both Corn crackers and oatcakes are so delicious with slices of ripe avocado (healthy fat!) and sweet and chilli sauce or cream cheese (like Philadelphia) and sweet chilli sauce. I particularly find the Blue Dragon chilly sauce perfectly balanced to my taste.

4. Basil tofu

Tofu Basilico

That, my friends, was a discovery I made when my middle child was a fussy eater and I was keen to add more proteins to her diet. This basil tofu by Taifun has a lovely consistency, not too chewy nor not too tough and it tastes pretty much like pesto so big thumbs up from me.

5. Instant Soups (or soup in a cup)


In Winter especially, a hot soup always comes down nicely.  When it’s 7 pm and we are still, at least, 1h away from dinner time it’s a nice filling and warming pick me up.

The range by Ainsley Harriott are nice. See the whole range:


6. dry fruits

I particularly like soft apricots which are really nice combined with nuts and you can keep them for a long time in a draw if you are in the office.

7. popcorn


In the UK, popcorns have become very sophisticated and there is now a huge variety of popcorn types. I like the sweet and salty one and they are only 129cals per small bag and I am very partial to the sweet coconut and vanilla type too which is only 121 cals per bag.

Brands to look at are: Proper Corn, Tyrells’ posh popcorn, Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn

8. Fruit bars


These Nakd fruit bars are a little bit dry but they have got a nice flavour. They are also super healthy with 100% natural ingredients and are wheat, dairy and gluten free. My friend Michelle made me discover them last year and I have been buying them since then. They come in a whole lot of flavours.

See the whole range here

9. Special K


I put a small portion of special K in a small plastic box that I often eat dry but fill me nicely. It can also be nice to add your flakes to a yogurt for a bit of texture and/or a more filling snack.

10. Apple flavour rice cakes (or any other flavoured ones)

Mrs Crimble Apple Flavour rice cakes

They are so deliciously crunchy and totally guilt free. They come in 4 pouches that you can keep fresh for long in a draw or in your handbag.

I buy mine from Holland & Barrets for a mere £0.79!

What do you reckon dear readers? Is there a healthy snack you could recommend too? If so, drop me a line in the comment section of this blog post, I would love to hear from you.


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