My non-alcoholic summer beverage of choice

_P1A7097internetSummer is fast approaching, although I must say in London we are still waiting for Spring to turn up;-) When the days get warmer and nicer, I sometimes crave for a nice fruity drink that does not involve alcohol. I discovered a couple of years ago a new kind of fruity and sparkling drink that I love: San Pellegrino fruit beverages. It’s a mix of sparkling water and concentrated juice which tastes delicious.


They come in a range of flavours from Lemon and Orange for those of you who like traditional flavours to blood orange (my personal favourite) to more innovative mixes like lemon and mint or clementine…see the full range by clicking on THIS LINK.

The Isabella Plantation

Decided to show you this range in a beautiful surrounding, I made my way to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. It is a little enclave in the centre of this massive Royal Park in south-west London which turns pink as azaleas bloom all over the place. It is a truly magnificent sight every year, one not to be missed. I blog about it last year (read my previous post) but could not help showing you this place round again this year, especially if you live further afield.

Isabella Plantation in Richmond ParkPink variations at the Isabella PlantationSan Pellegrino lemonades by the pondSan Pellegrino drinks

I love how refreshing, sparkly and not overly sweet those drinks are. They go down very well during a picnic or whenever you fancy a tasty alternative to usual sodas. This is definitely MUCH nicer!

While shooting those photos, I enjoyed smelling all the flowers around me and paying attention to all the sweet paths and the gorgeous reflections over the pondIsabella Plantation in the Spring

Pond reflection at the Isabella Plantation

After all that shooting, time to sit down for a sip of one of the cans I had brought.


Where to find the San Pellegrino fruit beverages?

The range of San Pellegrino fruit beverages can be found in most supermarkets in the UK (I buy mine in my local Waitrose as they sell the whole range of flavours – see it here)  and is now sold more and more in cafes. I also know this range has just been released in France and you can find these San Pellegrino sparkling drinks in Monoprix ou Auchan for instance (on clique  pour les trouver sur la page du Monop’ ou ici encore pour Auchan direct).

More about Richmond Park

As for the Isabella Plantation, if you have not had a chance to visit it yet this season, try to go ASAP to still see it in all its glory: And stay a bit longer to walk around the ever stunning Richmond Park. If you have not seen yet the new documentary about this park presented by Sir David Attenborough, here it is, worth a watch!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunset at the Isabella Plantation


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  1. Très belles photos et couleurs, bravo !
    ps: les traductions en français de tes articles me manques beaucoup par contre 😉

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