Choosing a good all weather summer jacket

Hello to summer in the UK where it rains, hails, gets hot (sometimes), gets cold, the wind blows (often) and all sometimes whithin one day. You may think I am exaggerating it….

Summer in London

but….no ;-)! The picture above and the one below were taken last July in London  – South bank!


With that context in mind, I went on the look for a good summer jacket that would be feminine, lightweight, reasonably priced and would protect me from the elements! We were buying a summer jacket for my son in Mountain Warehouse when I spotted a jacket that looked pretty darn good: nice shade of grey, nice details, nice lenght (yes, I like to have my lower back & bottom covered) and very importantly rain proof! It was near the £100 mark at the time which I thought was a bit pricey but I kept an eye on the store’s website and a few weeks later, they ran a promotion and got it with a nice 40% off.

Mountain Warehouse summer jacket


[Thank you so much to my friend and fellow blogger Josephine from Chic at Any Age who took the 2 great photos seen above at the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park last month.  We had a great morning photographing each other for our respective blog in this beautiful pink decor!]

While this is not the first time we buy something from Mountain Warehouse, it is, however, the first time I buy a jacket for me from their shop. It is maybe not a shop I would have considered in the first place but actually, it’s brilliant. As we were discussing it with my friend Michelle (who is also a fan of the shop), Mountain Warehouse is a great value for money shop for all things outdoorsy: clothing, accessories, camping items, picnic stuff…In France, I swore by Decathlon but I think I may have found a great alternative for Decathlon here in the UK.

Mountain warehouse rainproof jacket_P1A0232internet_P1A0240internet

Whether we were visiting a castle in the Welsh drizzle earlier this month,

Mountain Warehouse jacket in the Welsh drizzle

or being windswept on the beach (don’t pay attention to my frizzy hair, I gave up on it in Wales;-)), this jacket proved to be just right.

Women mountain warehouse jacket

Earlier this week, I had to do the school drop off in the pouring rain and I put this jacket to the test (since I cannot hold an umbrella and push a buggy at the same time). And it’s the big thumbs up as I was dry everywhere the jacket covered! The ‘rain proof’ fabric is definitely doing its job!

You’ve understood it, I am giving this jacket the seal of approval!

Seal of approval

The model I bought is The Fjord II texture and is currently half price at 49.99 GBP. You may not like this colour or this model but you should definitely look at their range for women:

I think it is also a great place to buy a jacket for kids. We bought this red model for my son before I bought mine and he loves it! They have nice bright colours for the youngsters:

Kids mountain warehouse jacket

I think I am ready for my summer holiday in Brittany with this jacket comes rain or shine:-)

Kersidan beach in Brittany