Visiting The Cotswolds​, picture perfect Britain

So l’Homme and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month! Not that it came easy to reach that milestone, married life is full of beautiful moments but with that also comes lots of challenges especially if you become parents. We are, by no means, a perfect couple, actually, we have lots to work on but, we keep trying on getting it right. Anyway, 10 years is not a bad achievement and I certainly thought it was worth a mini celebration. I suggested to l’Homme we paid a visit to The Cotswolds, one of my favourite areas in Britain and where l’Homme proposed – so a bit of a symbol and a trip down the memory lane.

Houses in Bourton-on-the-hill

On our actual wedding anniversary, the weather was AMAZING: sunny and hot. We drove from London which wasn’t a big trek – a friend of mine went to the Cotswolds from London just for the day by car so it is possible to have a mini trip – and had lunch in the garden of this great pub

The Horse and Groom pub

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting some of the most delightful villages. We went first to Bourton-on-the-water where we enjoyed walking by the little river and letting the kids put their feet in the water. We stopped for the unmissable ice-cream and just chilled around the village.

Bourton-On-The-waterCharming house in Bourton-On-The-waterBy the river in Bourton-On-The-water

But we also took the time to visit the super cute Model Village which is a  pretty good miniature reproduction of Bourton-on-the-Water itself!

Exploring Bourton on the water model villageBourton on the water model villageBourton-on-the water model village's 80th birthday

The light was so perfect and we were having such a good time we decided to visit a village we had not had a chance to visit before: Lower Slaughter. Yes, you might think that with such a barbaric name, this place wouldn’t be that friendly but as matter of fact  the name comes from old English ‘Slohtre‘, which has nothing to do with killing things and means, simply, ‘Muddy place’. What another beautiful spot!

Lower Slaughter charming houseLower Slaughter in the Cotswolds_P1A9763internet

After a little stroll in the village, it was time to have a nice cold drink 🙂

The Slaughters country inn's gardenThe Slaughters country inn

We then made our way to our B&B at the Snoswhill estateB&B at the Snoswhill estate. A great spot we discovered the very first time l’Homme and I went to the Cotswolds back in 2005. I could not recommend this place better, it’s in a working farm with beautiful grounds and it is really peaceful. Jo, the hostess, is the loveliest person and will cook you a mean English breakfast after your restful night (read the Tripsadvisor’s reviews about this place here)

Since we had such a good lunch at the pub, we decided to keep it low key in the evening and bought a few goodies from Marks & Spencer to have a picnic dinner al fresco while soaking up the last rays of sunshine.

Picnic diner in the Snowshill EstatePlay in the Snowshill Estate

I can’t help giggling every time I look at the photo below. My older girl was trying to take a photo of l’Homme and I when our cheeky son decided to photobomb our photo and he laughed so hard from his joke…:-)

Evening in the Snowshill Estate_P1A9829internetShips in the Snowshill Estate

The following day, after our hostess Jo’s brilliant breakfast, the weather had made quite a big U turn. It was cloudy and a lot cooler but that wasn’t going to deter from exploring more. We had planned to visit the village of Snowshill which we had loved so much from our first visit, this has to be the sweetest and most charming village ever.


The cute village of Snowshill


And we continued our exploration with the fabulous Snowshill Manor National Trust. Wherever we go, we always look for National Trust properties. They are beautiful, full of history and are so well looked after, it never disappoints us. The Snowshill Manor was another delightful place where to spend a good few hours!Wild flowers at the Snowshill EstateSnowshill Estate_P1A9901internet_P1A9906internet_P1A9924internet_1

I hope this post inspired you to go and visit the Cotswolds as soon as you can or return to visit it again. It is really easy to go from London (see practical info here) and I can garantee that you will love it! Make sure you plan at least one night ‘sur place’ and best to have a car though as it’s easier to go from one village to another.

If, like me, you heart The Cotswolds, let me know your favourite spot! I may have visited the Cotswolds already 4 times but I don’t think I have seen it all just yet!

More information about this delightful area with the links below:


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