8 cracking songs that made my summer

Hello all! Coucou à tous

The summer holiday is nearly over, the older kids are due back at school on Tuesday morning and I am ready to be back writing on this blog. The holiday was very welcomed and it has given me a chance to get new ideas for future blog posts so stay tuned!

As music is constantly on at home – style depends on the mood – I am always happy when I discover new sounds. And I find that in the summer, certain memories end up being associated with a few tunes.

Here is a cracking list of 8 songs I found particularly awesome, there are somehow a few ‘oldies’ that I just discovered this summer and a few more recent tracks

1/ Clare Maguire ‘Elizabeth Taylor’.  I guaranty you goose bumps! Moving, beautiful and a gorgeous voice. A fantastic British singer you are bound to hear a lot more in the future!

2/ Maggie Rogers ‘Alaska’ and more. She gained notoriety when Farell Williams complimented her work during a master class session which took place at her music school in NYC. She has got those unique boho vibes I love and her unique voice really moves me.

3/Childish Gambino ‘Redbone’. This such a laid back tune, perfect to chill!

4/Malo ‘I believed’. A French singer who sings in both French and English and has got great positive energy.

5/Julien Doré ‘Coco Caline’. He has got this romantic style and some may find his style a tad cheesy but this is grrat ‘feel good’ French music in my books.

6/The Avener ‘Fade out line‘. I have not stopped listening to that tune since I listened to it on the French radio this summer (I had to Shazam it to find out who had written this song), great deep house tune!

7/Borns ‘10000 Emerald Pools’. I discovered this song after listening to Daphne’s summer playlist and really wanted to listen more from this American singer

8/Offenbach ‘Be mine’. This is a commercial tune but soooooo catchy. My 3 kids loved it when I played it loud on our way back from the beach. My toddler does some cracking head banging when she hears the first notes of this song. I think this will be the 2017 family summer song, the one that will bring back lots of fun memories to all of us 🙂

I would love to hear if you have a few songs that were really special to you this summer. Drop me a line in the comment box, I love to make new music discoveries or find out about other people’s music taste.



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