8 reasons why you should visit Brittany

Hello all! We once again spent a big chunk of the school summer holidays in Brittany with my family. I have been going to Brittany for more than 30 years and the older I get the more I appreciate all the good things this area of France has to offer.

Brittany vibes

Here I would tell you why I find this region so special and why you must add this destination to your bucket list.

1/ Brittany is so incredibly beautiful AND charming. It is often overlooked as the weather is not always as consistent as other parts of France. From lovely villages and cute ports to amazing coastline…there is a lot of beauty in this area!


charming thatched cottage in Brittany

2/ In Brittany, you eat SO well. Alright, where do I start here? I just love everything about the food I eat in Brittany: delicious and authentic cider, beautiful crepes and galettes (the savoury version), buttery biscuits, salted caramel galore, beautiful charcuterie, rich and sticky cakes and of course, stunning seafood and fresh fish…

Kouignette cake

Delicious specialities from Brittany


3/ Brittany has a fourth of the whole of France’s coastline. The coastline is not only breathtaking, it has so many white sandy beaches to choose from. In the summer, especially in the area where we are in South Brittany, the beaches are cleared from all the seaweed most days and you can swim in the clean sea. Although I must warn you, the sea temperature is…ahem, rather fresh!

Tahiti beach in south BrittanyCoastline in Brittany


4/ Brittany is very family friendly. Obviously, the clean beaches are a major attraction for most families and it’s an area of France where I find people less pretentious. People come for the things mentioned above, it’s not about what you wear or who you are. People who visit the area will find it authentic and life is pretty easy going.

Shells picking and sand castles in Brittany

Shrimp fishing in Brittany


5/ In Brittany, you can indulge in all sort of sports. Because the weather never gets too hot in the summer, you can play tennis, run, walk, horse ride….without the fear of suffering from sunstroke and ending up hot and bothered!




6/ Brittany has got lots to explore and a rich heritage: cute villages, nice coastal paths, museums…there is something for everyone!

Old and charming chapel in Brittany

Locronan village in Brittany


7/ Brittany is a sailing paradise. Whether you are into windsurfing, kite surfing, boating or simply like me enjoy watching all those wind lovers indulge their passion, Brittany is the place to go.

Sailing boats in Brittany

Windsurfers and kitesurfers in Brittany


8/ Brittany has its own distinctive character. What distinguishes Brittany is first and foremost that the region was attached to France late in the Middle-Ages and has kept a much stronger link to its Celtic root than anywhere else. When you travel through Brittany, it sometimes seems as if you’ve left France and somehow been transported into Wales or Scotland or Ireland.

Trevignon in Brittany

Although it has been part of France for more than 5 centuries, Brittany also boasts its own language: Le Breton.

It also has lots of other traditions such as Celtic music and traditional costumes.

Traditional breton costumes

Breton singers

Brittany has its own very special soul and I would encourage you to discover and savour some of it!



Hope to have convinced you to soon plan a visit to this part of France. If you’ve already visited Brittany, let me know your favourite part in the comment box below. Julie x

Celebrating Brittany

More information about this beautiful area can be found on this website: http://www.brittanytourism.com





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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday Julie – you will miss the wide open spaces now you are back in the suburbs xx

  2. une partie préférée, dur de choisir tellement les lieux sont différents: Le cimetière de bateau situé à Camaret, la pointe de la torche pour regarder les surfeurs, le sentier des douaniers, la ville close de Concarneau etc ….

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