The return of the bandana scarf

You know guys, I am a huge fan of accessories: earrings, belts, scarves…these are the details that make me and can give just this more personable look.

Red bandana look in London

You will often see me wear a scarf as I have a tendency to have a sensitive throat but in summer, wearing a scarf is more a little detail to complement a look. One of my sisters wanted to spoil me for my birthday this summer and I asked her if she could find me a bandana scarf.

Light Blue bandana scarf

I wore bandana scarves as I youngster to hold my hair or as a belt (as you can imagine, I can no longer do that;-) and now I am doing it all over again – it just shows that Fashion works in cycles!

There are many ways you can use a bandana scarf whether it’s around your head to keep your frizzy hair under control/hide your white hair (and risk like me to be called a bohemian by your brother in law;-))!), around your bag belt…

And since those bandana scarves aren’t expensive, it’s quite nice to have a few shades to add a touch of colour to any kind of outfit.

Light blue bandana scarf Light blue bandana scarf around the neck

My sister was so sweet to offer it to me in navy, light blue and red too.

Red bandana tied around the neck

Navy bandana look in the flowers field

After my sister offered me the bandana scarves for my birthday this summer, I noticed 2 of my favourite bloggers: French blogger Daphné from the blog Mode and the city

Daphne of Mode and the City blog

and American blogger Jess Ann Kirby (my fashion icon) wearing one too

Jess Ann Kirby


I have since seen bandana scarves being sold in H&M and Primark so far and I am sure more shops might be selling some so keep your eyes peeled.

Other places to look to get one (or 2):

  • from good old Ebay at the mere price of £0.99 (P&P included!)
  • from Asos – click here
  • from H&M – click here
  • from Claire’s – click here
  • from Newlook – click here


And make sure to check Pinterest for more inspiration on how to wear, style your outfit with bandana scarves by clicking on this link

Light blue bandana scarf look in London


Happy shopping! Julie x

Thank you so much for the 3 photographers involved in this post: My talented sister Amélie for the photos at the beach, my friend and fellow blogger Josephine from Chic at Any Age for the cool pics in Central London and my oldest daughter for the pic of me smelling the flower (she is only 6 but obviously will in no time be better than me at taking photos!!)

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  1. Très sympas ces petits looks colorés, mention spéciale aussi pour la photo sur le pont jaune!
    Et le rouge à lèvre ROUGE te donne sacrément bonne mine!

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