Let’s talk about the mental load and how to fix it

The mental load is on everybody’s lips at the moment and I am so glad it’s been one of the hot topics of 2017. I had been feeling this ‘mental load’ for years and could not pinpoint why my mind could never really relax, why I constantly seemed to feel mentally drained.

Mental load seen by Emma


If you have not come across yet the concept of mental load, I would really like to encourage you to take a look at more of French artist Emma’s comics to understand what this means. She has not only captured our issue so brilliantly but her work created such a buzz that everyone started talking about the subject.

The mental load is the fact of always having to remember everything involved in running the household you share with your partner and/or your kids. This takes a toll as the mental load doesn’t give you any rest by. You may be watching TV with your partner while trying to remember whether you signed your child’s reading record and reminding yourself to send a card to your goddaughter for her birthday.

The mental load seen by Emma

Running a household especially once you have kids is like running your very own company but you wear all the hats: cook, PA, nurse, party planner, chauffeur, cleaner….

The problem is that running a household while making sure your family has all it needs and is well looked after in every possible way is real work!

“The problem is this is a whole job in itself,” Emma says in the comic. “So when we ask women to take on this task of the organisation, and at the same time execute a large portion, in the end, it represents 75 percent of the work.”

If you are interested to read more about the subject here are a few links:

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My views are, that I am so delighted we are talking about this subject. I feel relieved we have words to talk about it and that the subject is no longer taboo. I also feel relieved more men will be aware of the topic…however my priority in all that is: what can we do to change the situation and how can we better deal with this mental load.


First of all, what can we do with ourselves?

3 things we can do to help us

  • Make sure to take a break/self-care: having your own activity, going out with friends, going on a weekend away by yourself…What has worked for me is

*I try very hard to keep my pilates class once a week which is a moment for myself where I need to concentrate so much on the exercise we do that my brain switches off from all my other worries and to do list. It’s a real break for my overzealous brain! You could try any activity or maybe meditation. I tried last year the Headspace app and I was surprised at how relaxing the experience turned to be. You can get 10 free short sessions and/or then subscribe for more specific or thorough exercises.

*I also go out into Central London to see exhibitions, do some photography or catch up with other friends as often as I can even if it means sometimes compromising a little bit on family time

*I go to College once a week where I do my photography course, away from my duties as a mum & wife

  • Reduce your expectations: I stopped hoping to have everything so perfect in my life which gives me some breathing space and I also allow myself sometimes to fail. It happens to all of us after all!
  • Delegate: I still try to make things as easy as possible to l’Homme when I leave him in charge of the 3 little ones but sometimes, I give him things to do and you know what, they might not be done the way I would have done them, but I try to just let go (it’s bl$$dy hard, I must say but I got to keep doing it!)

Fearless woman

Not that the previous and current generations of men are completely lost, perhaps they just need realignment. But the answer lies in the future. How can we rewire our sons to reduce the mental load of women?

I found the list below in an article in Sunday Times which I thought gave us great ideas:

Teach by example

Boys and girls need to learn that the load should be shared. If a woman takes on the load at home, even if she complains, it forms a continuum for her sons and daughters.

We need to teach our boys to become good men!

Little boy vacuuming

Emotions are cool

I am a believer that boys should be entitled and encouraged to express their feelings and emotions as much as girls. I regularly tell my boy when he tells me not mean things how they sometimes end up upsetting me and make me feel sad. I want him to understand that words have a meaning. Equally, it is ok for him to have a good cry when things don’t work out his way.

Studies show that the expectation that men cannot be sad, hurt or fearful, leads to higher rates of suicide and mental health issues. It also leads to poor understanding of emotions in partners.

Teach him to nurture

Playing house and playing with dolls does not make him less of a man, it makes him learn to parent and cohabit. I was glad I let my boy play with his little sister’s buggy toy!Boy playing with a pink toy buggy


Stop with the traditional gender shit

Blue is not for boys, nor is Spider-Man, everyone can love unicorns if they want to. Get girls the ships and aircraft toys, too, they are so cool. My eldest daughter loved playing football as a toddler and loved playing with trains too. She is very girly now so what’s the deal?

Little girl playing with trains

Boys are not always braver than girls – my boy did not want to hold a snake in his hands when he was younger but my older girl did it without batting an eyelid!

Little girl holding a snake

– and some girls can run faster. It all starts with the language. Women should not be doing the groceries or planning every dinner alone.

Be a better man to breed better men

Trash dads breed trash sons – and belittled daughters. Be aware of the gender roles as well as the unhealthy pornography, misogyny, objectification and the sexism. Do as you would want your daughters to receive.

Dad can do childcare

Filter what they consume in media and in life. From same-sex, to adoption and single-parent homes, expose boys and girls to what it takes to create a family – lots of support.

Encourage feminist mediums

Strong women and female heroes and protagonists are there, if you look. If it has to be The Hunger Games and Wonder Woman, so be it. Expose girls to strength and bravery, and boys to women who are leaders so it does not surprise them, but becomes an expectation.

Strong girls club

Teach sexual awareness and autonomy

The fight is not just in the home and the kitchen. Consent problems start with miseducation. Use age-appropriate discussions to talk about healthy sexuality and sexual equality.

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