5 new great products you should try out

I love trying out new products, there is something to do with my naturally curious personality. Sometimes I end up returning to the products I used beforehand but sometimes I find a few gems. Today I wanted to share a few recent finds of mine:

Method Anti-Bac

BAC method rhubarb smell : I discovered this brand – Method Products –  while watching one of the insta stories of my first midwife turned Instagram sensation Mother of daughters. She intrigued me. I mean, who can get excited by cleaning product? Sadly we still live in an era where ladies often get in charge of the cleaning so a good product with a nice smell can get us mildly excited. That smell is certainly heaven. Far less strong than your typical cleaning product as they prefer ingredients that come from plants (and not from harsh chemicals). They have a great range and you can find their products in most supermarkets.

Jamie Oliver Super tomatoes and olive quinoa

Jamie Oliver tomatoe and olive quinoa – I found it on offer last week in my local Waitrose and this was a very pleasant surprise. I live for my leftovers at lunch time otherwise I find it a bit of a hassle to cook anything remotely exciting when I am on my own with my youngest. This proved super handy one day I did not have anything to finish off in the fridge. Just pour it on your plate (yes no need to wait 30mn for the quinoa to cook, perfect when you sre starving!), add a few salad leaves, tomatoes and some feta and VOILA! Super delicious, nourishing and tasty meal.

Jamie Oliver Super tomatoes and olive quinoa

It’s currently on offer in Waitrose as it’s a new release so give it a go!

Elemis Marine facial oil


Elemis Pro Collagen marine face oil (anti-wrinkle face oil): I trusted my wonderful friend Lynne Hyland Beauty Director for the Mirror when she recommended me this product. Oh, the smell and this texture are just right; it is truly pleasant to apply to the face. I feared I would look like a mirror with more oil over my face but actually, it really is soaked in by skin super quickly and does not leave a greasy feel at all. There was an instant plumpin effect on my skin and now I am hoping for this serum to continue working wonder on my fine lines;-)

Lancome shaker gloss
Lancome juicy shaker lip gloss: what a fun and practical lipstick. No need to introduce this classic French brand of makeup and skincare, Lancome has been around for ages with Isabella Rossellini, Ines Sastre, Julia Roberts and others as their muse. This lipgloss is super easy to use, soft brush, shake the tube to make the colour more intense and best of all, with a nourishing blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Omega 3 and Cranberry Oil you will end up with soft lips too! Get it in your local department store or online here


Nakd Posh bites: I have mentioned to you in this previous post, how I discovered the Nakd fruit and nut bars and how delicious they are. They have just relased ‘Posh Bits’ which are so great and so handy to have in the office when in need of a bit of sugar without compromising on healthiness! I buy mine from Health shop Holland and Barett but they are also available on Amazon, Sainsbury and many more retailers.


Have you discovered yourself a good product worth recommending us? If so, drop me a line in the comment below.

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