7 cover songs worth listening to

It’s been a while since I last did a post about music. I cannot simply live without music, it’s as simple as that, I love it too much.

I am normally not a fan of covers, most of the time, the cover does not bring anything new and just capitalise on the success of a previous hit. However, I have discovered in the recent years a few gems I would like to share with you today, some of them are even better than the original:

1/ Stay by Rihanna revisited by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The voice of Jared Leto (not to mention his bad boy’s look) is incredibly sexy and works so well on this track.

Original version here

2/ Wrecking ball by Miley Cirus revisited by James Arthur

I know admitting to watch shows like the X factor is not too cool these days but I always like to see what newcomers can bring to the table. James Arthur’s voice has this rough edge which is so delectable. A great version!

Original version here

3/ Waves by Mr Probz (& Robert Shultz) revisited by Indiana and Rhodes

I was never too keen on the original version of this song but Indiana and Rhodes made me love with it with their great voices that mix in so beautifully. A really moving version.

Original version here

4/ Video Games by Lana del Rey sang by the Stereophonics

Lana Del Rey is not everyone’s cup of tea but the Stereophonics give it a less depressing mode and a more rough edge which is way more my cup of tea (although I do like the original version).

Original version here

5/ Prayer in C by sang Robert Shultz and Lilly Wood & the Prick by Kiesza

Kiesza has done a totally new song out of the original version by putting her very own stamp and twist to it. Her version is a master piece of simplicity and a firework of emotions. One of my favourite covers ever.

If you wish to listen to the original version, it’s here

6/ Get Lucky by Daft Punk

How original is this version with harp and this girl’s voice is just so refreshing. I heard it on The Voice UK and it gathered since then 18 million views on Youtube! Incredible girl.

Original version here

7/ Royals by Lorde revisited by Clean Bandit

This is the most bonkers version of all the covers I am sharing with you today but a really cool one. It really works and this version is so radically different from the original one, I have to salute the creativity of Clean Bandit on this piece of work. This version is genius and such fun to listen to!

Original version here

Have you had a crush on one of those covers or would you recommend me a good one to listen to? Fee free to drop me a line below! Have a good weekend!xx Julie