Investing in timeless fashion pieces or the art of curating

Red cloud bag

I don’t know if it’s me fast approaching my 40s or what, but this winter I am reviewing the way I am spending my money on clothes and accessories. If I am not quite ready to drop altogether the cheaper retailers – it’s hard to resist the purchase of a few new items ‘in fashion’ at times. However, I am now thinking that the time has come to buy a few timeless items that I will cherish for a longer period of time. I am also thinking that, if I shall deem them ‘timeless pieces’ I should be spending a little bit more money for better quality and longevity. Which pieces should deserve your money and better quality (if you have to make a choice)? For me I would want to consider:  a good handbag, a quality purse, a pretty classic looking watch, a leather belt, a leather jacket/suede jacket or a shearling leather jacket, an item with some cashmere…what would you add to that list?

On that note, and back in November, I was looking to get myself a new handbag. For anyone who doesn’t know me well, bags and earrings are my guilty pleasures. However I always bought cheap handbags in faux leather and as a result, every 18 months (if not more), the handbag I would have used would be looking so awful I would need another one (yes I carry too much in my handbag which does not help) and maybe having 3 young kids means I am always on the go and my handbags have always got a bit of a battering too. I knew what I was after and spent a fair amount of time in the look for ‘the one’: a cross body bag (yes, still pushing a buggy at time and with 3 kids anyway, my hands are always full;-), not too small  and with a nice shape and preferably in the colour red.

This search was rather easier said than done. I looked and looked and looked until I spotted in a magazine a brand that called my attention: The Cambridge Satchel Company. I always assumed those guys only did satchels but…it turned out they have been so successful that they now sell a big range of bags in lots of funky colours. My eyes immediately set on this puppy! The price tag was not really what I had in mind but then it was real leather…I toyed with the idea for a while looking around to find a better bargain but I loved the bag so much, if l’Homme wanted to spoil me this Christmas I will have the perfect idea for him. I was so lucky that during the  Black Friday weekend said bag had 40% and I was literally ‘sold’ by that point. Hurray!

This little treasure was mine by Christmas and I could not be happier!

Red leather bag

Red grain leather Red grain leather


The grain of the bag is superb, the cut is feminine, the leather smells so divine (I keep poking my nose inside the bag…#addicted!!!) and it keeps all my belongings in while making me feel a little bit more like a lady (and less like a scruffy mummy)

Red cloud bag Cambridge Satchel Company

The additional aspect of this bag that convinced me to buy it (on behalf of Father Christmas) is that this crossbody bag can be converted into a backpack! That, once again for any woman, and probably even more so for all the mums out there, is a real bonus. Riding a bike, need to carry other bags, hold little hands etc etc….I love having the option to turn this crossbody bag into another type of bag and if I want to feel very grown up I can even hold it as a little handheld bag…bingo!

Red cloud convertible bag Cambridge Satchel

The Cambridge Satchel company currently have a brilliant sale so make sure to check out their website and maybe find yourself a good quality leather bag.

Thanks to my photographer friend Michelle who took the few shots of me posing in the studio last week during our photography class at College. Now better no leave this beautiful bag unattended;-)

Cambridge satchel red cloud bag



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    • Thanks Josephine! The finish of the bag is really good, the thickness of the leather feels quality and the perfect cut really makes it a great bag. They have nice bright colours too as well as more neutral ones so there ought to be something that catches your eyes! Julie x

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