Experiencing some Michelin star dining chez vous!

Who wouldn’t dream about organising a dinner party without having to lift a finger to prepare it?  ME, Me, Me for sure.


I love cooking but with life as a mum of 3 my time is often too limited to organise too many dinner parties at home.

Organising dinner parties is a BIG French tradition and one I definitely love. I still remember how often my parents would have friends around when we lived in Paris and I was a little girl, despite the fact we had a tiny kitchen AND no dishwasher. Yes, you read that right!

I have always loved hosting too: having friends around at your own place brings a personal touch you can never get when going out to a restaurant with friends.

However, I must admit that with the demands of motherhood, busy diaries and our fast-paced lives the number of dinners we have organised at home has greatly reduced.

So when I was contacted by La Belle Assiette to trial the experience of having a chef come to your house, cook you a delicious dinner and clear it all afterwards I was all in. We invited 2 couple friends of ours who are real foodies and made this happen.

For practical aspects, we asked one of the couples to host at their place as we feared our smallish kitchen would probably be spacious enough for the chef to prepare the meal. All we had to worry about was setting the table and bringing drinks to enjoy with the meal. What a punishment!

Not only did we have nothing to worry about, shop or prepare but what we were about to enjoy was a fabulous Michelin star dining experience!

Our chef Chris Bower arrived 2 hours before the dinner with the menu all set, the ingredients and prep all done as well as all his cooking gear. In the 2 hours prior to the dinner, he finished the cooking and plating.


You know he is a pro when you see how clean and tidy the kitchen is, even a few minutes before it all kicks off.



This is the menu that Chris our cook had prepared for us

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 22.55.45

I am sure the images below will get you salivating!

This was our starter.




Our main.


And our pudding!


At the end of the meal we had 6 happy guests I can assure you!


Thank you to our wonderful chef Chris Bower for such a succulent meal! We would heartedly recommend him and La Belle Assiette for this wonderful and stress free experience.


If you would be tempted a Belle Assiette experience, check out their website: https://labelleassiette.co.uk

They offer 3 different priced menu options:  temptation (£ 39 per guest), prestige (£59 per guest) and signature (£89 per guest) to cater for your own budget (no extra cost, everything is included in that price) and you can look at more than 3000 menus available. There ought to be a chef on their books who cooks the type of cuisine you love.



La Belle Assiette


To Contact them

020 3318 5003



Disclaimer: This experience was kindly offered to us by La Belle Assiette. This review is not sponsored and expresses entirely my own views.

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