About me

🇬🇧 Hello, I am Julie! Born and bred in Paris and now a happy Londoner. I still love my home country tons but life in the UK has been good to me. I initially came to London to do a masters in Law and had the most amazing experience in that exciting city.

After I gratuated and while looking for a job I met the guy who has since become my husband (you’ll hear about him as ‘L’Homme’ in my posts). I am now a super blessed mum of 3.

Got quite a few passions in life:

  • music (I play the flute since I am a child) and I listen to music ‘all day long’
  • cooking and food in general. My mum is a star cook and is constantly reinventing her recipe stacks and well, now I am doing it all myself too
  • travels: my folks took us on lots of trips, I travelled with boyfriends, girl friends, on my own, with l’Homme and the family too. It’s something I will never get bored. Exploring fills my heart and brain with too much excitement

and before I bore you all my latest and very big passion is

  •  PHOTOGRAPHY: I got hold of a camera aged 10 on a school trip and I think this is where it all started. From a disposable camera to a compact camera to a DSLR..I have come a long way and now I am a photography student at my local College where I am trying to get a proper qualification

I recently upgraded to a Canon 7D mark II (I previously used another Canon DSLR, the 400D) and I use a variety of lenses. If you enjoy photography too, follow me on Instagram – link here, or on the photo community website 500px – link here.

Obviously I also love fashion and beauty!

The idea behind this blog was to have a little creative outlet in the first place and use my prolific photo collection and I am so enjoying the experience.

Do get in touch if you would like to me blog about something in particular, team up with me or if you want to send me any constructive comment about the blog.

Contact: therealjafinthebox@gmail.com



🇫🇷 Coucou, je m’appelle Julie.

Qui suis-je? Je suis une trentenaire un peu fĂ©ministe sur les bords, parisienne de sang et londonienne d’adoption. Je suis tout a fait ravie de ma petite vie outre manche – j’y ai rencontre l’Homme et c’est la que mes 3 enfants sont nĂ©s, mais la belle France a toujours une grande place dans mon coeur.

Devenue maman a plein temps depuis la naissance de ma petite dernière j’ai cherche un nouveau moyen d’expression et de crĂ©ativitĂ© et c’est comme cela que ce blog est nĂ©. L’autre passion qui m’a encourage a la creation de Jaf_in_the_box c’est mon amour pour la photographie que je pratique avec passion depuis plus de 10 ans. J’ai entame l’annee dernière une qualification dans un ‘College’ afin d’obtenir un diplĂ´me sur le sujet et j’en suis ravie!

Rejoignez moi pour mes découvertes, mes coups de coeur, mes envies et évadez vous ou inspirez vous le temps de la lecture de ce blog grace a mes articles et mes photos.

Pour me contacter pour des collaborations, des projets, me faire des suggestions ou des critiques constructives Ă©crivez-moi a therealjafinthebox@gmail.com


Thanks to my sister for this lovely shot taken during Summer 2015 in Brittany.
Merci a ma soeur pour ce joli cliche pris au cours de l’Ă©tĂ© 2015 en Bretagne.