7 cover songs worth listening to

It’s been a while since I last did a post about music. I cannot simply live without music, it’s as simple as that, I love it too much.

I am normally not a fan of covers, most of the time, the cover does not bring anything new and just capitalise on the success of a previous hit. However, I have discovered in the recent years a few gems I would like to share with you today, some of them are even better than the original:

1/ Stay by Rihanna revisited by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The voice of Jared Leto (not to mention his bad boy’s look) is incredibly sexy and works so well on this track.

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5 new great products you should try out

I love trying out new products, there is something to do with my naturally curious personality. Sometimes I end up returning to the products I used beforehand but sometimes I find a few gems. Today I wanted to share a few recent finds of mine:

Method Anti-Bac

BAC method rhubarb smell : I discovered this brand – Method Products –  while watching one of the insta stories of my first midwife turned Instagram sensation Mother of daughters. She intrigued me. I mean, who can get excited by cleaning product? Sadly we still live in an era where ladies often get in charge of the cleaning so a good product with a nice smell can get us mildly excited. That smell is certainly heaven. Far less strong than your typical cleaning product as they prefer ingredients that come from plants (and not from harsh chemicals). They have a great range and you can find their products in most supermarkets. Continue reading

How to pull an all-black outfit

I purchased a beautiful black Ruffled turtle neck Jumper from La Redoute last week and as I received it I started to think how I would pair it with other clothes of mine. Although I like black in winter, you will probably never see me dressed all in black. Personally, I find it a bit too harsh and a bit too moody. Instead, I like to style it with colourful accessories.

La Redoute ruffle turtle neck jumper

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My finest selection of Christmas jumpers

After more than 10 years in the UK, the Christmas jumpers tradition has definitely grown on me. Now, I love seeing friends, colleagues and family parading in their Christmas themed jumpers and tops from now until Christmas.

It is a cheesy tradition I will admit but a fun one nonetheless. Could you resist the temptation one more year or fall for one item from my selection? I have ‘curated’ for you the nicest models on the web and I hope you find a lovely model to buy right now before they all end up out of stock because it’s all too late.

So here we go:

From Marks & Spencer

Embellished Mistletoe Novelty Jumper (£29.50)


Embellished Mistletoe Novelty Jumper

Animal Print Novelty Jumper (£29.50)

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Dorset’s finest – exploring Britain

The Jurassic coast in Dorset

As a young couple with no kids, all l’Homme and I wanted to do (apart from visiting our respective families) was to explore far-flung destinations. Now, we 3 little ones in tow, our approach to holiday has changed a great deal. Among a few other things, we have certainly taken a huge amount of pleasure at discovering more of the UK. Not only is it a lot less expensive to travel to, we are the master of our time (no rush to make it anywhere at a specific time), we load the car with our belongings and off we go.

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Let’s talk about the mental load and how to fix it

The mental load is on everybody’s lips at the moment and I am so glad it’s been one of the hot topics of 2017. I had been feeling this ‘mental load’ for years and could not pinpoint why my mind could never really relax, why I constantly seemed to feel mentally drained.

Mental load seen by Emma


If you have not come across yet the concept of mental load, I would really like to encourage you to take a look at more of French artist Emma’s comics Continue reading

8 quirky facts about the Brits (from a fully paid up French woman!)

Well, here we are, I was chatting to a fellow mum the other day at school and suddenly realised – as she asked me the question – that I have been in the UK for 14 years (or even 15…I kind of lost track!)! Bam!  
Life in Britain

Even though I still feel a Frenchie through and through I have really come to love my life in the UK. I have also learned quite a few things along the way.  If you are planning to come and live in the UK or if you are visiting friends, I reckon this post might come handy to you:

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The return of the bandana scarf

You know guys, I am a huge fan of accessories: earrings, belts, scarves…these are the details that make me and can give just this more personable look.

Red bandana look in London

You will often see me wear a scarf as I have a tendency to have a sensitive throat but in summer, wearing a scarf is more a little detail to complement a look. One of my sisters wanted to spoil me for my birthday this summer and I asked her if she could find me a bandana scarf. Continue reading