The most decadent chocolate brownie recipe

Chocolate cake and tea

Hello all, I was meant to write an epic post when things did not happen quite as planned this week. It all started as usual with lots of playgroup activities, school pick up and drop off, cooking and other chores and my college day which is always a joy. And then on Thursday I went to do a photoshoot for a friend of mine’s new products and all of sudden everything went pear shaped.

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Easter biscuits/Des petits biscuits pour Pâques

🇬🇧 My little 4 year old was really poorly this week with such high fever. When the ibuprofen kicked in she often had a phase when she felt slightly better and needed entertainment. I suggested a bit of baking action and the sight of bunny rabbit shaped biscuit tempted her. Sadly I don’t have the rabbit cookie cutter but I shall order some soon as they are so cute – see here


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The Smarties are back/Le grand retour des smarties


I don’t know why, I always thought Smarties were sweets that only French kids had. It turns out I was wrong. Here in the UK the choice of sweets is pretty big but smarties are still fairly popular.

It was the turn of Reception (1st year at school here in the UK) mums to bake for their annual ‘Cake sale’ at school the other week.

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