A tricolour vegetable and goat cheese tart with Jus-Rol

We are just back from a wonderful holiday in Spain and I am slowly readjusting to normal life here in London. Before we headed out, I was on a mission the clear the fridge and it’s always tricky to avoid any wastage. Dedicated to using most – if not all – of our fresh stuff I prepared this delicious ‘tricolour’ vegetable and goat cheese tart with a Jus Rol puff pastry.

Just rol puff pastry sheet

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A delicious easy peasy Keralan fish curry recipe

With age and a few traumatising stories heard over the radio about the situation in certain slaughtering houses in France (article about it in English here or en francais la), I have gone more and more off meat and red meat in particular. I still occasionally eat some but the enjoyment is not quite there anymore. I have always loved fish and these days, I am only too happy to eat more of it. I am constantly on the look for alternatives to my classic papillotes cooking fish and fish cakes.

I have found this Fish curry recipe in my Waitrose supermarket. I have mentioned in previous posts (here and here) how I love those recipe cards they produce every month. Cooking books often include lots of recipes that I will never use, the bonus of picking and choosing your recipe card(s) out of a selection is that you know you are more likely to use the ones you take.


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My top 5 favourite soup recipes /Mes 5 recettes de soupe préférées

🇬🇧 In those winter months, soups are back on the menu. In our household we have made it a tradition to have a soup every Sunday evening. We try to have our meals with the kids at the weekend and I find a good soup on a Sunday evening is a great way to balance things out if we indulged a bit otherwise. Our kids get probably 2 soup diners a week which – I am not going to lie – is not always welcomed with a smile but when they have fish & chips at school or pizza, I feel it’s my duty to bring the vegetables back on their plates. Our toddler is a soup lover which is so great, may this long last!

Velouté de brocoli

I have tried lots of soup recipes (and will continue trying new ones on a regular basis) and today I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite ones. I could have probably made this list even longer as I am a big big fan of soups but I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone;)

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Pumpkin delights/Des régals de citrouille

Garson's pumpkin patch
Halloween was yesterday and I’m sharing with you my 3 best pumpkin recipes to make the most of all that pumpkin flesh you might have saved.
Also, shops might now be tempted to sell at a cheaper price their leftover stock of pumpkin so, grab yourself a bargain and start cooking with one of those 3 excellent recipes below:)

A somptuous butternut squash and goat cheese pasta/Un plat de pates rafiné a la courge butternut et au fromage de chèvre

🇬🇧 I have tried and tested a wonderful, wonderful pasta recipe for you and it would be selfish not to share it with you. It’s the pumpkin, butternut squash season and it’s time to make the most of those delightful veg to create a beautiful pasta dish. All right, the time given on the recipe says 20mn, I would say it’s probably a bit longer, probably more around 30mn but it’s worth it if you are cooking it for a lovely friend, partner, husband. It’s definitely not the kind of dish I would cook just for the kids, they just would not appreciate the work that goes behind let alone the wonderful flavours.

Squash and goats' cheese pappardelle recipe

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A quick healthy diner/Un petit diner rapide et équilibré!

🇬🇧 There is one thing (among others;-) I will never give up trying: for my kids to eat veg. This applies to l’Homme and I of course. In France where I am from food is such a big part of our culture and it’s a country which has such a variety of climates that it is easy to find fresh fruits and veg.

But sometimes when the  fresh food is running low in the fridge and the grocery shop is only due the following day it is always good to have a couple of tins of sweetcorn in the pantry!

A tin of sweetcorn

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A little icy treat/Une petite douceur glacée

🇬🇧 I still remember with great fondness our trip to Greece when, while in Santorini with l’Homme pre kiddos we had 8 consecutive days without seing a single cloud…how blissful was that….

🇫🇷 Je me rappèlerai toujours avec emotion de ces vacances en Grèce ou, avec l’Homme, nous avions passée 8 jours (avant de devenir parents) sur la magnifique ile de Santorini et n’avions pas vu un seul nuage de notre séjour….quel grand bonheur et hélas, un lointain souvenir.

Santorini 1

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That meal that gets me out of bed/Vive le petit-déjeuné!

🇬🇧 I love Breakfast and if there is one thing that gets me out of bed is the thought of a nice breakfast. In France where I am from, there is pretty much a bakery in every village and at every corner in bigger cities. There is a tradition for baguettes and so many delicious kinds of breads not to mention all those delicious flaky pastries (croissant, pain au chocolat…)


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A delicious quick spiced coconut prawn dish/Un delicious plat lait de coco épicé et crevettes

The other day, l’Homme had a appointment with a specialist at the hospital. He had been worried about a few symptoms so I thought, I would welcome him back in the evening with a nice meal. I had cooked this dish before and he had loved it so I knew this would go down well. Ladies and gents, this is a spiced coconut prawn dish, not quite a curry but with lots of nice spices still.

plat edited

Let me tell you something to convince you to give this dish a try: it’s easy to make and does not require too many ingredients.
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