Experiencing some Michelin star dining chez vous!

Who wouldn’t dream about organising a dinner party without having to lift a finger to prepare it?  ME, Me, Me for sure.


I love cooking but with life as a mum of 3 my time is often too limited to organise too many dinner parties at home.

Organising dinner parties is a BIG French tradition and one I definitely love. I still remember how often my parents would have friends around when we lived in Paris and I was a little girl, despite the fact we had a tiny kitchen AND no dishwasher. Yes, you read that right!

I have always loved hosting too: having friends around at your own place brings a personal touch you can never get when going out to a restaurant with friends.

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My non-alcoholic summer beverage of choice

_P1A7097internetSummer is fast approaching, although I must say in London we are still waiting for Spring to turn up;-) When the days get warmer and nicer, I sometimes crave for a nice fruity drink that does not involve alcohol. I discovered a couple of years ago a new kind of fruity and sparkling drink that I love: San Pellegrino fruit beverages. It’s a mix of sparkling water and concentrated juice which tastes delicious.

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My 10 favourite​ healthy snacks to power through the day


Healthy snack options

Hi all, I hope you’re having a good week. I am a nurse on duty these days with one child after another falling with illness…Being a mum is mentally and physically demanding. I always take a big breakfast (my favourite meal of the day as mentioned in a previous post) and don’t need to snack until lunch time in general. But in the afternoon, it’s a whole different story. I have moments of low blood sugar, low energy and I need substance and snacks to keep me going. Continue reading