7 cover songs worth listening to

It’s been a while since I last did a post about music. I cannot simply live without music, it’s as simple as that, I love it too much.

I am normally not a fan of covers, most of the time, the cover does not bring anything new and just capitalise on the success of a previous hit. However, I have discovered in the recent years a few gems I would like to share with you today, some of them are even better than the original:

1/ Stay by Rihanna revisited by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The voice of Jared Leto (not to mention his bad boy’s look) is incredibly sexy and works so well on this track.

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8 cracking songs that made my summer

Hello all! Coucou à tous

The summer holiday is nearly over, the older kids are due back at school on Tuesday morning and I am ready to be back writing on this blog. The holiday was very welcomed and it has given me a chance to get new ideas for future blog posts so stay tuned!

As music is constantly on at home – style depends on the mood – I am always happy when I discover new sounds. And I find that in the summer, certain memories end up being associated with a few tunes.

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My latest musical discoveries/Mes derniers coups de coeur musicaux

I have not shared a few of my latest musical finds and crushes for a long time. I know that typically my musical discoveries posts are not always the most popular ones on the blog but music is something I don’t think I could live without (I know this sounds pretty dramatic but…it is!).


Sometimes you need a few nice names to refresh and update those playlists of yours and this is where I come:)

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Music to my ears/De la musique plein les oreilles

I discovered a little while ago a fantastic initiative called ‘Bach to Baby’ 🎹

Some of you may already know but I am a massive music lover 🎶. This is my #1 passion and I am not saying that lightly as you all know how much I love photography too.However, I know that if I had to go to a remote island, the thing I would miss most would be music.

Music for flute

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A haunting voice/Une voix envoutante

🇬🇧 She looks like a cross between the singer Sia and her dancer Maddie Ziegler, who you will have seen in so many of the singer’s videos or live performances on shows on TV. As a result, her face didn’t really catch my attention at first.


Photo credit: NME

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Nice new soul voice on the block/Une belle voix soul a decouvrir

She was #2 on the list of Sound to watch in 2016 and I can understand why.
Alessia Cara is a cool newcomer on the musical scene and I am sure we’ll hear a lot more about her in the months to come. Her voice will surely gain in maturity but this 19 yo Canadian has already got tons to offer!

A little bit of Portishead in the air with her soulful hit song ‘Here’ 👇

Elle était No2 sur la liste des nouveaux sons a suivre en 2016 établie par la BBC et je peux comprendre pourquoi. La jeune Canadienne Alessia Cara a du talent a revendre du haut de ses 19 printemps: une belle voix ‘soul’ qui ne pourra que s’affiner avec l’experience et l’age.

Ecoutez donc ce chouette tube ‘Here’ aux forts accents de Portishead…pour les amateurs.

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