The bluebells’ hour at Emmets Garden

It’s that time of the year when lots of charming woods and gardens turn blue. It’s the bluebells season and the sight of those flowers fills me with joy.


After the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils I am always delighted to see a new change of colours and the arrival of longer and milder days.

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Scenes of Winter Wonderland/ScĂšnes d’un hiver enchanteur

🇬🇧 How would you feel to wake up on New Year’s day in a  scene of Winter wonderland? This is where I want to take you today…even though I captured those photos a few days ago, I thought this would be a lovely dreamy place to start 2017 with you.

Hello 2017,may this new year be a fabulous one!

Now, let’s go for a walk together in frosty Richmond Park (London, UK)….

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· Est-ce que cela vous dirait de vous retrouver dans un paysage hivernal enchanteur? C’est lĂ  que j’ai envie de vous enmener pour commencer la nouvelle annĂ©e! Venez! Meme si j’ai pris ces photos il y a  quelques jours (Mercredi dernier), j’ai pensĂ© que cela serait un endroit rĂȘvĂ© pour commencer la nouvelle annĂ©e en votre compagnie!


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50 shades of pink/Variations en rose

🇬🇧 It’s that time of the year when this little pocket in the heart of Richmond Park in London – the Isabella Plantation – becomes a very very special place. A sight that I have seen nowhere else. Basically the place becomes a flowers paradise where all shades of pink can be spotted! It’s simply stunning.

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· C’est l’Ă©poque de l’annĂ©e ou cette petite enclave dans le coeur du parc de Richmond – la ‘The Isabella Plantation’ – situĂ©e en proche banlieue londonienne (sud-ouest de la capitale) se transforme en un lieu enchanteur ou se mĂȘlent mille et une variations de rose. Les azalĂ©es sont en fleur et ce lieu devient totalement magique, c’est vraiment grandiose!

Isabella Plantation, pond, azaleas


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Bluebells paradise!

🇬🇧 Note: Apologies for those of you who have subscribed to my blog, I had a little glitch with the blog at the weekend! Hopefully you can all now enjoy this post and leave your comments if you wish.

Last weekend was a bank holiday weekend in the UK (we should have 3 day weekend all year round me thinks) and we had planned to visit family in Sussex. I was keen to escape London’s hustle and bustle in my in-laws’s beautiful garden but I was also looking forward to seeing whether the woods at the back of their garden had transformed this year again into a sea of blues…I was not disappointed!!!

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· Note: Petite excuse a ceux d’entre vous qui sont abonnĂ©s Ă  mon blog, j’ai un un petit problĂšme technique durant le weekend dernier mais la bonne nouvelle c’est que mon blog post est de retour et libre Ă  vous a present de me laisser votre gentil commentaire.

Le weekend dernier Ă©tait un weekend de 3 jours au Royaume Uni (vive les weekend de 3 jours moi je dis, ca devrait ĂȘtre de rigueur toute l’annĂ©e!) et nous avions prĂ©vu d’aller rendre visite a de la famille. Je me rĂ©jouissais d’un break Ă  la campagne surtout que le jardin de mes beaux-parents devient magnifique Ă  cette Ă©poque de l’annĂ©e mais surtout je me demandais si le bois au bout de leur jardin serait une fois de plus transformĂ© en un parterre bleutĂ©.

Bluebelles edited 6

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Christmas in Brittany (Western France)/Noel en Bretagne

Brittany in winter can be, like lots of places, a bit dull as nature is so bare. There is something about being by the sea though that makes it still a really nice refreshing destination.

We were lucky this Christmas to have good weather – considering all the floodings taking place in the UK – and super mild temperatures (we’re talking 15/16 degrees celsius!). We made the most of it and went for lots of nice walks by the seafront and on the beach.


My boy getting lots of fresh air

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