Hello 2018!

Hello all! Long time no speak! I had a very intense December with lots going on with the kids at school, the deadline for my photography project at College not to mention the Christmas preparation and the bags to do to go to be with my family in France. It would have been just about manageable except that the kids fell for a nasty tummy bug and were sick one after another (there was a lot of scrubbing and sheets changing I can assure you 🙁

Anyway, here we are, 2018.  Happy New Year dear readers! The year is yours, what will you do with it?

Let’s aim high and start making exciting plans!

Photo by _Zion_


I really enjoy taking a break over Christmas but normal service on the blog is going to resume very shortly 😀.

Thanks a lot to my friend Ziona for the excellent shot she took of me during the Open House London weekend. Go and give her a follow on Instagram.




5 new great products you should try out

I love trying out new products, there is something to do with my naturally curious personality. Sometimes I end up returning to the products I used beforehand but sometimes I find a few gems. Today I wanted to share a few recent finds of mine:

Method Anti-Bac

⇹BAC method rhubarb smell : I discovered this brand – Method Products –  while watching one of the insta stories of my first midwife turned Instagram sensation Mother of daughters. She intrigued me. I mean, who can get excited by cleaning product? Sadly we still live in an era where ladies often get in charge of the cleaning so a good product with a nice smell can get us mildly excited. That smell is certainly heaven. Far less strong than your typical cleaning product as they prefer ingredients that come from plants (and not from harsh chemicals). They have a great range and you can find their products in most supermarkets. Continue reading

Let’s talk about the mental load and how to fix it

The mental load is on everybody’s lips at the moment and I am so glad it’s been one of the hot topics of 2017. I had been feeling this ‘mental load’ for years and could not pinpoint why my mind could never really relax, why I constantly seemed to feel mentally drained.

Mental load seen by Emma


If you have not come across yet the concept of mental load, I would really like to encourage you to take a look at more of French artist Emma’s comics Continue reading

IT glitch, a little apology…

Dear all, please apologize for the shenanigans running on my site at the moment especially for those of you who have so kindly decided to subscribe to my blog. I intented yesterday to re-design my menu when, somehow I managed to delete it all! Needless to say I tried to fix it until far too late last night but things are not going according to plans.

I have alltogether decided to re-do it all and this is why some older posts might come your way again. Please bear with me, I am dealing myself with the logistics and all those IT aspects and I am pretty much learning as I go which means sometimes there are a few hitches….I hope you stick with me 🙂

Pink wild flowers

Pink wild flowers

A NEW blog post will be on its way to you soon. Thanks a lot!


SITSTER, the NEW must have babysitting app

Exploring the world
Do you remember the time you didn’t have to worry about babysitters? Prior to having children l’Homme and I were always out and about. We were out in town going to the movie, shows, meeting with friends without having to worry about anything but ourselves.
Meeting with friends
At weekends we were out visiting family and friends in France and in the UK, going on city breaks, on holiday or visiting places of interests.

Continue reading

How to make new friends via Meetup

I just had a terrific photography experience at the weekend. After my friend Ruth said to me last year she went to a ‘Meetup’ photo gathering I thought I ought to look into it. Meetup in this cool platform that gathers all sorts of events (some free, some with a contribution) where you can choose to meet people who share a hobby similar to yours. I looked again into it in order to give you more details about MeetUp and I realised that MeetUp operates in 180 countries which really amazed me – read more about it onWikipedia here.

One of the things I have found when you live in a big cities such as London, Paris…is that life can become quite impersonal. Continue reading

My first anniversary of blogging – thoughts and plans

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Jaf in the box, the blog, is 1

Jaf in the box – the blog – is 1! The blog went ‘ live’ about a year ago today – I got a little message from WordPress at the weekend reminding me about this 1st anniversary – and it’s been quite a journey. What have I learnt? What are my plans? When do I blog? Which are my favourite blogs? This is what this blog post will be all about.

I have learnt lots about social media, the blogosphere and lots of techy stuff too over the last year even though I still have a mountain to learn. This blog all started as a creative outlet and as a way to publish some of the many photos I take and share some of the things I enjoy in life. I must say, in spite of all the ‘behind the scenes’ hard work that goes into writing a good blog post, I have really enjoyed the creative process.

I want to say a BIG thank you to each of you for coming along to my blog and reading week after week my humble posts and/or commenting. Continue reading

How keeping a passion outside the house and motherhood has helped me keep my sanity!

Life as a mum of 3

It’s fair to say being a stay at home mum to our 3 little ones for the last 2 years has been totally amazing and… challenging at the same time! You are there everyday for your little ones witnessing first hand their every day joys, disappointments, excitements and frustrations, you get to know them so well and the trust they give you back is the sweetest thing in the world. However, there is also another side to all this wonderful stay at home life Continue reading

Stick it on and keep it on!/Le sticker qui a tout bon!

Mynametag stickers on my computer

🇬🇧 We live in an era of electronic goodies and God knows how many cables we end up carrying everywhere we go! And these days between the various tablets, phones, cameras, kindles etc you can never leave your home without a charger of some sort.

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· Nous vivons dans une Ă©poque ou nos possĂ©dons un sacrĂ© nombre de gadgets et outils Ă©lectroniques, et nous accumulons une belle quantitĂ© de cables en tous genres.  Entre le smartphone, les appareils photos, tablettes, liseuses il est impossible de se dĂ©placer quelque part sans se trimbaler un chargeur!

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