Dorset’s finest – exploring Britain

The Jurassic coast in Dorset

As a young couple with no kids, all l’Homme and I wanted to do (apart from visiting our respective families) was to explore far-flung destinations. Now, we 3 little ones in tow, our approach to holiday has changed a great deal. Among a few other things, we have certainly taken a huge amount of pleasure at discovering more of the UK. Not only is it a lot less expensive to travel to, we are the master of our time (no rush to make it anywhere at a specific time), we load the car with our belongings and off we go.

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A fabulous day at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship 2017

After about 14 years in London, I realised this year, I still had never visited the Wimbledon Tournament and experienced the unique atmosphere. We could have secured tickets with l’Homme via his tennis club but with our 3 little ones, the logistic and childcare cost would have made it a really pricey experience.

So when a group of photo enthusiasts organised a meetup to visit the place and spend the day out there I was all ears. However, as the date to make our way to the tournament got closer, lots of people started commenting on the groups’ forum that the queues to get tickets to access the grounds on the day were totally crazy and my hopes started to fade. I nearly did not attend the meetup feeling less than optimistic but I still went. Sometimes, the stars align and by a course of incredible circumstances, my mates Matt, John & Joseph were given the incredible chance to enter the grounds which was for me totally unbelievable. To put things into perspective, 9000 people camped overnight on a daily basis to get access to the tournament!!!


Sometimes, the stars align and by a course of incredible circumstances, my mates Matt, John & Joseph were given the incredible chance to enter the grounds which was for me totally unbelievable. To put things into perspective, 9000 people camp overnight on a daily basis to get access to the tournament!!!

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My 12 favourite spots to visit with kids outside London

I love exploring with my family. Going on an outing with them is something I really treasure and enjoy. Since welcoming our son 8 years ago we have visited a fair number of beautiful (and less beautiful) spots and I thought  – since the summer is upon us and the holidays soon to start – that I would share with you my favourite 12. I must admit, the hard bit was not the selection of the places I wanted to talk to you about but find in my extensive archive of photos, the shots to illustrate each venue. I had to look through no less than 3 external hard drives (yes, I am a prolific photo taker;-))

[Note that I have intentionally not added the notorious kids’ friendly spots such as Peppa Pig World, Chessington, Bocketts Farm, Hobbledown etc which most of you already know.]

So, in no particular order (drum rolls;-), here is my selection:

1 – Garsons, the Pick-your-own farm (Surrey): a favourite place of ours.

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Visiting The Cotswolds​, picture perfect Britain

So l’Homme and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month! Not that it came easy to reach that milestone, married life is full of beautiful moments but with that also comes lots of challenges especially if you become parents. We are, by no means, a perfect couple, actually, we have lots to work on but, we keep trying on getting it right. Anyway, 10 years is not a bad achievement and I certainly thought it was worth a mini celebration. I suggested to l’Homme we paid a visit to The Cotswolds, one of my favourite areas in Britain and where l’Homme proposed – so a bit of a symbol and a trip down the memory lane.

Houses in Bourton-on-the-hill

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When wisteria takes over London

I have been blown away by the number of gorgeous houses in London featuring wisteria over their front door. Since my love for photography is getting bigger by the day I am paying more and more attention to the beauty surrounding me. So tonight I just fancied a small photo based post to share my love for Spring in London.

Wisteria in London

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The bluebells’ hour at Emmets Garden

It’s that time of the year when lots of charming woods and gardens turn blue. It’s the bluebells season and the sight of those flowers fills me with joy.


After the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils I am always delighted to see a new change of colours and the arrival of longer and milder days.

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My visit to the Radical Eye photo exhibition at Tate Modern

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Agghhh, this week was challenging. I came down with flu at the weekend. I assumed it was just a bad cold and did not alter my plans last Saturday but then after returning from a nice Fashion exhibition at Somerset House I started shaking like a leaf and the fever started kicking in….Sunday was spent in bed and I was on paracetamol non stop to cope with the first half of my week.  Anyway I am thankfully on the mend now!

London architecture


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10 family friendly places to enjoy in London

I initially wrote this blog post for a fellow blogger’s blog but I thought time had come for me to post on my own blog the updated version.

I love exploring, it probably comes from my own parents who were great at exposing us to a variety of places and taking us on various trips in France and abroad. Since moving to England more than 10 years ago I have done my fair share of exploring. Now, as a mum of 3 I am delighted to share with you my favourite family friends spots in London.

Tower Bridge

Wether you are a mum/dad, an auntie/uncle or a grandparent, I can guaranty you will find a nice place to visit in this list. They have all been tested and approved by myself and I’m picky;)

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Scenes of Winter Wonderland/Scènes d’un hiver enchanteur

🇬🇧 How would you feel to wake up on New Year’s day in a  scene of Winter wonderland? This is where I want to take you today…even though I captured those photos a few days ago, I thought this would be a lovely dreamy place to start 2017 with you.

Hello 2017,may this new year be a fabulous one!

Now, let’s go for a walk together in frosty Richmond Park (London, UK)….

🇫🇷 Est-ce que cela vous dirait de vous retrouver dans un paysage hivernal enchanteur? C’est là que j’ai envie de vous enmener pour commencer la nouvelle année! Venez! Meme si j’ai pris ces photos il y a  quelques jours (Mercredi dernier), j’ai pensé que cela serait un endroit rêvé pour commencer la nouvelle année en votre compagnie!


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