A fun family day in Alice Holt forest/Superbe journée dans la foret d’Alice Holt

Last bank holiday in the UK (End of August), back from our holiday in France but still willing to be as much outdoor as possible, I planned a fun day out in a forrest just 1h away from London. My fellow mum and friend Claire had mentioned to me this forest called Alice Holt and we had not had a chance to visit it earlier. Our bank holiday was calling for us to be out and explore.  Let me tell you all about Alice Holt!

Alice's holt forrest entrance

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Visit to one of the Breton paradises/Visite à un petit paradis breton

🇬🇧 There is in our part of Brittany a little gem I would like you to find out: it’s called the Glenan Archipelago and it’s one of my little paradises. Last time we visited it was way too long ago and L’homme and I decided to convince the whole family to head down there for the day.

🇫🇷 Il y a dans notre petit coin de Bretagne, un petit lieu unique dont il faut que je vous parle a tout prix: c’est l’archipel des Glénan et c’est l’un de mes petits paradis. La dernière fois que nous nous y étions rendus remontait déjà a plusieurs années  et l’Homme et moi avions très envie d’y retourner alors nous avons réussi a convaincre la famille d’en faire une journée de sortie tous ensemble.

Le Popoff a Concarneau

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A little bubble of beautifulness at Petersham Nurseries/Une petite bulle de beauté a Petersham nurseries

Petersham Nurseries

🇬🇧 There is in Petersham a lovely place I would like to tell you about. It’s a nursery! You might think this is just another place where you can buy all sort of plants but it is actually much more than that.

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