A delicious easy peasy Keralan fish curry recipe

With age and a few traumatising stories heard over the radio about the situation in certain slaughtering houses in France (article about it in English here or en francais la), I have gone more and more off meat and red meat in particular. I still occasionally eat some but the enjoyment is not quite there anymore. I have always loved fish and these days, I am only too happy to eat more of it. I am constantly on the look for alternatives to my classic papillotes cooking fish and fish cakes.

I have found this Fish curry recipe in my Waitrose supermarket. I have mentioned in previous posts (here and here) how I love those recipe cards they produce every month. Cooking books often include lots of recipes that I will never use, the bonus of picking and choosing your recipe card(s) out of a selection is that you know you are more likely to use the ones you take.


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A delicious quick spiced coconut prawn dish/Un delicious plat lait de coco épicé et crevettes

The other day, l’Homme had a appointment with a specialist at the hospital. He had been worried about a few symptoms so I thought, I would welcome him back in the evening with a nice meal. I had cooked this dish before and he had loved it so I knew this would go down well. Ladies and gents, this is a spiced coconut prawn dish, not quite a curry but with lots of nice spices still.

plat edited

Let me tell you something to convince you to give this dish a try: it’s easy to make and does not require too many ingredients.
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