How to defy the signs of ageing

I can’t say I have ever worried too much about the ageing signs on my skin – I am quite lucky that people often think I look a bit younger than I am.



However, the brutal truth is that my face skin and my body (3 pregnancies + breastfeeding ) are definitely not what they used to be and maybe time has come that I give my body some extra TLC Continue reading

Chat with a beauty expert – get the latest trends/Conversation avec une experte beauté

I am so lucky that many of my friends are bright and inspiring women. I love them all for all the qualities they bring to the table, they challenge me and make me want to learn from them. My career may be something that I have put aside since becoming a mum but I still enjoy being inspired by my family and friends.


It is no surprise to anyone now but I love beauty products.

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