My visit to the Radical Eye photo exhibition at Tate Modern

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Agghhh, this week was challenging. I came down with flu at the weekend. I assumed it was just a bad cold and did not alter my plans last Saturday but then after returning from a nice Fashion exhibition at Somerset House I started shaking like a leaf and the fever started kicking in….Sunday was spent in bed and I was on paracetamol non stop to cope with the first half of my week.  Anyway I am thankfully on the mend now!

London architecture


One of the things that excite me most by living in such a cool and vibrant city as London is the amount of cultural opportunities around. As a keen photographer I am always on the look for inspiration  from all sorts of arts Continue reading

How I deal with the cold weather/Comment je gère la présence du froid

Winter day at Bushy Park

Does anyone else feel like January has been dragging on forever – the post Christmas months are a bit tough: it’s cold, it’s muddy, the days are short…..We have had a few freezing weeks since Christmas – even though this week the weather is turning mild again but I am pretty sure it will get cold again. I am not very good at dealing with the cold Continue reading

London’s fabulous Christmas lights/Les fabuleuses illuminations de Noel a Londres

This is going to be my last post of the year and very much a seasonal one! It’s all photography based as I am really enjoying my photography course and finally getting to grip with new techniques.

Christmas baubles on Oxford Street

I am so delighted to share with you those snaps I took on Tuesday night. Whether you visited/lived in London or maybe haven’t come yet to visit to this vibrant city, I am hoping this will put stars in you eyes:)

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A quick healthy diner/Un petit diner rapide et équilibré!

🇬🇧 There is one thing (among others;-) I will never give up trying: for my kids to eat veg. This applies to l’Homme and I of course. In France where I am from food is such a big part of our culture and it’s a country which has such a variety of climates that it is easy to find fresh fruits and veg.

But sometimes when the  fresh food is running low in the fridge and the grocery shop is only due the following day it is always good to have a couple of tins of sweetcorn in the pantry!

A tin of sweetcorn

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A fun family day in Alice Holt forest/Superbe journée dans la foret d’Alice Holt

Last bank holiday in the UK (End of August), back from our holiday in France but still willing to be as much outdoor as possible, I planned a fun day out in a forrest just 1h away from London. My fellow mum and friend Claire had mentioned to me this forest called Alice Holt and we had not had a chance to visit it earlier. Our bank holiday was calling for us to be out and explore.  Let me tell you all about Alice Holt!

Alice's holt forrest entrance

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Beautiful Brittany weather and that thirst/Un temps breton canon et cette soif!

🇬🇧 We have been so spoilt in Brittany over the last few weeks, the weather has been amazing. Those of you who know this part of the world know that even in summer sunshine is not always guaranteed several weeks in a row (and not even several days in a row;) but we have loved every minute of it.

🇫🇷 Nous avons été vraiment gâté ces dernières semaines en Bretagne avec une météo vraiment canon. Pour ceux qui connaissent bien la Bretagne, vous saurez que même en plein été la Bretagne est une région pleine de surprises et il n’est pas toujours facile de garantir plusieurs jours d’affilés de soleil éclatant encore moins sur plusieurs semaines. Toujours est-il que nous avons pleinement profité!

Plage de Dourveil

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Visit to one of the Breton paradises/Visite à un petit paradis breton

🇬🇧 There is in our part of Brittany a little gem I would like you to find out: it’s called the Glenan Archipelago and it’s one of my little paradises. Last time we visited it was way too long ago and L’homme and I decided to convince the whole family to head down there for the day.

🇫🇷 Il y a dans notre petit coin de Bretagne, un petit lieu unique dont il faut que je vous parle a tout prix: c’est l’archipel des Glénan et c’est l’un de mes petits paradis. La dernière fois que nous nous y étions rendus remontait déjà a plusieurs années  et l’Homme et moi avions très envie d’y retourner alors nous avons réussi a convaincre la famille d’en faire une journée de sortie tous ensemble.

Le Popoff a Concarneau

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A little bubble of beautifulness at Petersham Nurseries/Une petite bulle de beauté a Petersham nurseries

Petersham Nurseries

🇬🇧 There is in Petersham a lovely place I would like to tell you about. It’s a nursery! You might think this is just another place where you can buy all sort of plants but it is actually much more than that.

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