A comforting sausage & leek pie/Une tourte qui a tout bon

🇬🇧 Hello all, seems like Spring is taking its time to make a proper appearance. We get lots of teasers but in the end, we always seem to revert back to cold and cloudy weather….oh well!  When the weather does not really want to cooperate, one of the things that help me to be more patient is to plan to cook nice, savoury and comforting food. I am here to share with you a wonderful pie recipe – another one from Waitrose  but this time, a recipe found in their  Kitchen magazine – which I have tried and tested on a few occasions.

It’s a sausage, leek and cider pie and it’s SOOOOO flavoursome (always a major point for me!)IMG_9837_1024 edited

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Cauliflower gratin wonder/L’imbattable gratin de choux-fleur

🇬🇧I am not a massive fan of plain cooked cauliflower. I love it raw with a nice fromage frais and chives sauce to nibble on, I love it in soup with some nice cumin but cooked, I find it sometimes a bit strong. However I love it in gratin and I have found a delicious recipe (tried and tested for you) that I would like to share with you. The kids even love it (all 3 of them!).


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