Investing in timeless fashion pieces or the art of curating

Red cloud bag

I don’t know if it’s me fast approaching my 40s or what, but this winter I am reviewing the way I am spending my money on clothes and accessories. If I am not quite ready to drop altogether the cheaper retailers – it’s hard to resist the purchase of a few new items ‘in fashion’ at times. However, I am now thinking that the time has come to buy a few timeless items that I will cherish for a longer period of time. I am also thinking that, if I shall deem them ‘timeless pieces’ I should be spending a little bit more money for better quality and longevity. Which pieces should deserve your money and better quality (if you have to make a choice)? For me I would want to consider:  a good handbag, a quality purse, a pretty classic looking watch, a leather belt, a leather jacket/suede jacket or a shearling leather jacket, an item with some cashmere…what would you add to that list? Continue reading