My 12 favourite spots to visit with kids outside London

I love exploring with my family. Going on an outing with them is something I really treasure and enjoy. Since welcoming our son 8 years ago we have visited a fair number of beautiful (and less beautiful) spots and I thought  – since the summer is upon us and the holidays soon to start – that I would share with you my favourite 12. I must admit, the hard bit was not the selection of the places I wanted to talk to you about but find in my extensive archive of photos, the shots to illustrate each venue. I had to look through no less than 3 external hard drives (yes, I am a prolific photo taker;-))

[Note that I have intentionally not added the notorious kids’ friendly spots such as Peppa Pig World, Chessington, Bocketts Farm, Hobbledown etc which most of you already know.]

So, in no particular order (drum rolls;-), here is my selection:

1 – Garsons, the Pick-your-own farm (Surrey): a favourite place of ours.

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10 family friendly places to enjoy in London

I initially wrote this blog post for a fellow blogger’s blog but I thought time had come for me to post on my own blog the updated version.

I love exploring, it probably comes from my own parents who were great at exposing us to a variety of places and taking us on various trips in France and abroad. Since moving to England more than 10 years ago I have done my fair share of exploring. Now, as a mum of 3 I am delighted to share with you my favourite family friends spots in London.

Tower Bridge

Wether you are a mum/dad, an auntie/uncle or a grandparent, I can guaranty you will find a nice place to visit in this list. They have all been tested and approved by myself and I’m picky;)

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