The return of the bandana scarf

You know guys, I am a huge fan of accessories: earrings, belts, scarves…these are the details that make me and can give just this more personable look.

Red bandana look in London

You will often see me wear a scarf as I have a tendency to have a sensitive throat but in summer, wearing a scarf is more a little detail to complement a look. One of my sisters wanted to spoil me for my birthday this summer and I asked her if she could find me a bandana scarf. Continue reading

My new Fashion crush is called….HUSH!

It’s taken me ages to find my style fashion wise and I made lots of mistakes over the years. Looking at old photos, I cringe in horror! Pinterest has massively helped me to find what I think is ME (I created a My style board which was a good starting point!) In terms of Fashion shopping, I have often bought clothes from a variety of shops but none has never quite matched my newfound style. Well, that was until recently as I finally came across a brand that covers nearly all my styles and needs: it’s called HUSH.

hush image.jpg

I saw flashing it a few times on my Facebook feed Continue reading

Oops I….fell for the gingham trend!

I have seen a number of cool trends popping up for the Spring Summer! As much as I wish I could buy all of my favourite ones, the frugal mum that I need to be has to make decisions. Then Mother’s day happened and l’Homme offered me the chance to get a little treat.  I really wanted a new little dress for the summer  without breaking the bank and this little black gingham number hit the nail on the head:

Primark black gingham dress

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The one skirt you need to invest this season

I am a big Pinterest lover. I browse when I get a moment and it’s been a fabulous source of inspiration on numerous fronts but particularly with my photographic project lately. I have also loved Pinterest because , I have finally been able to pin the (fashion) style that makes me feel happy, the style that I now aim to reproduce and feels like me.

Over the years, a look that I have pinned on several occasions has been the pleated skirt. I was so chuffed last winter when I saw it in a midi version in the shops but somehow missed the boat to get one at that point. Living in the UK, wearing a skirt in winter is challenging (rain, cold, wind…you name it!). It can also be tricky to be wearing a skirt when I am looking after my 3 little ones as I am constantly bending, carrying my toddler/shopping, sitting on the floor…

Pink pleated skirt by Boohoo

In the new year, I saw the type of model I was looking for in pink & in my size on and Continue reading

Affordable fashion: 3 nice jumpers/Mode a prix abordable: 3 chouettes pulls

Hello all, with half term and the 3 little ones at home with me, I had a very full on week. We had good fun and I tried to make it as enjoyable as possible for the little ones but it just meant little time in my hands and a very tired mummy (me!) at the end of this week….phhew!

This morning I finally met with my blogger pal Josephine from Chic at Any Age to shoot a few pics for the blog. It is nice to meet with someone who knows how to take good photos and is patient with my awkward posing;)!! I have got tons to learn before I can look a bit more natural on that side of the lens but Josephine did not bat an eyelid.

H&M light blue jumper

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Wrap me up before you go go!/L’accessoire indispensable de mi-saison!

🇬🇧 It’s been chilly and then warmer and then chilly and then sunny and then rainy for the last few weeks in London, I’m really struggling to know what to wear each morning. The only way I get to deal with all those changes in temperature – me the ‘always feeling cold’ lady – is by having a large and soft scarf to wrap myself into.


Winter colours

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My love affair for Breton tops/Mon amour fou pour les marinières!

🇬🇧 I have something I need to face: I am slightly obsessive with Breton stripes. No matter how many  Breton tops I have got, every time I shop I seem to be attracted to all things stripey. I seem to stock up every now and then.

collage breton stripes

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Happy feet!/Des pieds qui pulsent!

There is one thing I have done so much more since becoming a mum: walking! Between walks in the park/playground, nursery or school runs, extra curricular activities, birthday parties and playdate, I spent a lot of time walking around. Lately, however, my feet have become a lot stiffer and I needed to still enjoy all that walking while retaining a sense of style. It took me ages to find the right pair – not too dark, not too light (yes, it does rain quite a bit in the UK), not too flashy and not too ridiculously expensive. There….demanding me? Hem….a tiny bit maybe, I’ll admit it.

However after a bit of online research I found THE pair: a grey pair of New Balance which I bought from Office.

I feel springy and still feminine and they don’t make my feet look big at all  (I am UK site 6 (38.5)) so I am a very happy bunny indeed:)




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Style me cosy/Du joli confort vestimentaire

When you live in the UK, you gotta love a bit of cosiness. Sadly the weather is too often grey and miserable so wearing a few nice clothing pieces will at least keep you warm and make you feel feminine at the same time. I came across a few items that caught my attention while doing some Christmas presents browsing. Sadly my budget is not what it used to be but when I find lovely things at a reasonable price I am all over them.

Here are the few gems I found:

  • From Tesco Clothing F&F – Cloud socks for less than £10


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