Discovering another perspective of London by boat

I have been living in London for about 14 years and I try as much as I can to make the most of that incredibly vibrant city!

London city views

I had been talking to l’Homme for a while to go by boat all the way to Greenwich in South East London from Central London and sadly last summer we never managed to make that happen.

Last Friday, we were thinking of things to do with the kids that did not involve too much walking as our oldest daughter has her 2 legs in a cast at the moment (to fix a condition with her feet). The weather was forecasted to be gorgeous (we have really not seen much of the sun lately in London  so…hurray!) and I suggested to my husband that we finally get on a cruise boat to enjoy the London landmarks, soak up the sun and chill out in Greenwich. Continue reading

When wisteria takes over London

I have been blown away by the number of gorgeous houses in London featuring wisteria over their front door. Since my love for photography is getting bigger by the day I am paying more and more attention to the beauty surrounding me. So tonight I just fancied a small photo based post to share my love for Spring in London.

Wisteria in London

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My visit to the Radical Eye photo exhibition at Tate Modern

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Agghhh, this week was challenging. I came down with flu at the weekend. I assumed it was just a bad cold and did not alter my plans last Saturday but then after returning from a nice Fashion exhibition at Somerset House I started shaking like a leaf and the fever started kicking in….Sunday was spent in bed and I was on paracetamol non stop to cope with the first half of my week.  Anyway I am thankfully on the mend now!

London architecture


One of the things that excite me most by living in such a cool and vibrant city as London is the amount of cultural opportunities around. As a keen photographer I am always on the look for inspiration  from all sorts of arts Continue reading

10 family friendly places to enjoy in London

I initially wrote this blog post for a fellow blogger’s blog but I thought time had come for me to post on my own blog the updated version.

I love exploring, it probably comes from my own parents who were great at exposing us to a variety of places and taking us on various trips in France and abroad. Since moving to England more than 10 years ago I have done my fair share of exploring. Now, as a mum of 3 I am delighted to share with you my favourite family friends spots in London.

Tower Bridge

Wether you are a mum/dad, an auntie/uncle or a grandparent, I can guaranty you will find a nice place to visit in this list. They have all been tested and approved by myself and I’m picky;)

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London’s fabulous Christmas lights/Les fabuleuses illuminations de Noel a Londres

This is going to be my last post of the year and very much a seasonal one! It’s all photography based as I am really enjoying my photography course and finally getting to grip with new techniques.

Christmas baubles on Oxford Street

I am so delighted to share with you those snaps I took on Tuesday night. Whether you visited/lived in London or maybe haven’t come yet to visit to this vibrant city, I am hoping this will put stars in you eyes:)

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Music to my ears/De la musique plein les oreilles

I discovered a little while ago a fantastic initiative called ‘Bach to Baby’ 🎹

Some of you may already know but I am a massive music lover 🎶. This is my #1 passion and I am not saying that lightly as you all know how much I love photography too.However, I know that if I had to go to a remote island, the thing I would miss most would be music.

Music for flute

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Diwali, festival of lights/Diwali, le festival indien des lumières

🇬🇧 Being a photography student, I’m always on the look out for fun, unique, colourful events in London to visit.

🇫🇷 Depuis que je suis devenue une étudiante en photographie je suis, peut être encore plus qu’avant, à la recherche d’événements colorés, sympas ou uniques qui feraient de bons sujets pour ma pratique de la photo sur Londres.

Diwali festival of lights 2016 in London

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Wrap me up before you go go!/L’accessoire indispensable de mi-saison!

🇬🇧 It’s been chilly and then warmer and then chilly and then sunny and then rainy for the last few weeks in London, I’m really struggling to know what to wear each morning. The only way I get to deal with all those changes in temperature – me the ‘always feeling cold’ lady – is by having a large and soft scarf to wrap myself into.


Winter colours

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A fantastic day enjoying London Open House

Last weekend was the London Open House 2016 edition. This is a super exciting event in the capital where you get a chance to access buildings that are not generally opened to the public. The list of venues is incredible and somehow sometimes a bit overwhelming but worth spending a bit of time reviewing it.

Views of the City of London

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