How to make new friends via Meetup

I just had a terrific photography experience at the weekend. After my friend Ruth said to me last year she went to a ‘Meetup’ photo gathering I thought I ought to look into it. Meetup in this cool platform that gathers all sorts of events (some free, some with a contribution) where you can choose to meet people who share a hobby similar to yours. I looked again into it in order to give you more details about MeetUp and I realised that MeetUp operates in 180 countries which really amazed me – read more about it onWikipedia here.

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Scenes of Winter Wonderland/Scènes d’un hiver enchanteur

🇬🇧 How would you feel to wake up on New Year’s day in a  scene of Winter wonderland? This is where I want to take you today…even though I captured those photos a few days ago, I thought this would be a lovely dreamy place to start 2017 with you.

Hello 2017,may this new year be a fabulous one!

Now, let’s go for a walk together in frosty Richmond Park (London, UK)….

🇫🇷 Est-ce que cela vous dirait de vous retrouver dans un paysage hivernal enchanteur? C’est là que j’ai envie de vous enmener pour commencer la nouvelle année! Venez! Meme si j’ai pris ces photos il y a  quelques jours (Mercredi dernier), j’ai pensé que cela serait un endroit rêvé pour commencer la nouvelle année en votre compagnie!


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Diwali, festival of lights/Diwali, le festival indien des lumières

🇬🇧 Being a photography student, I’m always on the look out for fun, unique, colourful events in London to visit.

🇫🇷 Depuis que je suis devenue une étudiante en photographie je suis, peut être encore plus qu’avant, à la recherche d’événements colorés, sympas ou uniques qui feraient de bons sujets pour ma pratique de la photo sur Londres.

Diwali festival of lights 2016 in London

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A glorious late summer day at Hughenden Manor/Une superbe journée de fin d’été au Manoir de Hughenden

🇬🇧 We were in the UK for the last bank holiday of the summer and just decided to really make the most of it. Living in a 2 bedroom flat as a family of 5 has got at least one good thing: it encourages us to be out and explore as often as we can. We decided to head out for the day and have a pic-nic at the beautiful Hughenden Manor.

🇫🇷 Nous étions en Angleterre pour le dernier weekend de 3 jours du mois d’Aout et avec la météo qui nous était annoncé il nous fallait en profiter. Bien évidemment habiter a 5 dans un appartement est un élément supplémentaire  qui nous motive pour bouger et partir faire des petites excursions en famille!

Hughenden Manor and Garden NT

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A fantastic day enjoying London Open House

Last weekend was the London Open House 2016 edition. This is a super exciting event in the capital where you get a chance to access buildings that are not generally opened to the public. The list of venues is incredible and somehow sometimes a bit overwhelming but worth spending a bit of time reviewing it.

Views of the City of London

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Beautiful Brittany weather and that thirst/Un temps breton canon et cette soif!

🇬🇧 We have been so spoilt in Brittany over the last few weeks, the weather has been amazing. Those of you who know this part of the world know that even in summer sunshine is not always guaranteed several weeks in a row (and not even several days in a row;) but we have loved every minute of it.

🇫🇷 Nous avons été vraiment gâté ces dernières semaines en Bretagne avec une météo vraiment canon. Pour ceux qui connaissent bien la Bretagne, vous saurez que même en plein été la Bretagne est une région pleine de surprises et il n’est pas toujours facile de garantir plusieurs jours d’affilés de soleil éclatant encore moins sur plusieurs semaines. Toujours est-il que nous avons pleinement profité!

Plage de Dourveil

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A little bubble of beautifulness at Petersham Nurseries/Une petite bulle de beauté a Petersham nurseries

Petersham Nurseries

🇬🇧 There is in Petersham a lovely place I would like to tell you about. It’s a nursery! You might think this is just another place where you can buy all sort of plants but it is actually much more than that.

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My top 5 photography tips/Mes 5 meilleurs conseils photo

🇬🇧 Half term is looming and I hope lots of you get a chance to get away from your usual home.  We are off abroad so I could not be any happier. I love discovering new places! Now is the time of the year where nature is in bloom, lush, the weather is better and we start having more pic-nic opportunities, days out with our friends and family. We even start getting a little bit of a glow and this is certainly a time of the year which is good to take nice photos of your loved ones. I thought I would share with you my top 5 photography tips to make sure you make the most of this favourable time of the year and update those frames of yours;).

DSC_1447 edited

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50 shades of pink/Variations en rose

🇬🇧 It’s that time of the year when this little pocket in the heart of Richmond Park in London – the Isabella Plantation – becomes a very very special place. A sight that I have seen nowhere else. Basically the place becomes a flowers paradise where all shades of pink can be spotted! It’s simply stunning.

🇫🇷 C’est l’époque de l’année ou cette petite enclave dans le coeur du parc de Richmond – la ‘The Isabella Plantation’ – située en proche banlieue londonienne (sud-ouest de la capitale) se transforme en un lieu enchanteur ou se mêlent mille et une variations de rose. Les azalées sont en fleur et ce lieu devient totalement magique, c’est vraiment grandiose!

Isabella Plantation, pond, azaleas


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