The return of the bandana scarf

You know guys, I am a huge fan of accessories: earrings, belts, scarves…these are the details that make me and can give just this more personable look.

Red bandana look in London

You will often see me wear a scarf as I have a tendency to have a sensitive throat but in summer, wearing a scarf is more a little detail to complement a look. One of my sisters wanted to spoil me for my birthday this summer and I asked her if she could find me a bandana scarf. Continue reading

Wrap me up before you go go!/L’accessoire indispensable de mi-saison!

🇬🇧 It’s been chilly and then warmer and then chilly and then sunny and then rainy for the last few weeks in London, I’m really struggling to know what to wear each morning. The only way I get to deal with all those changes in temperature – me the ‘always feeling cold’ lady – is by having a large and soft scarf to wrap myself into.


Winter colours

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