My finest selection of Christmas jumpers

After more than 10 years in the UK, the Christmas jumpers tradition has definitely grown on me. Now, I love seeing friends, colleagues and family parading in their Christmas themed jumpers and tops from now until Christmas.

It is a cheesy tradition I will admit but a fun one nonetheless. Could you resist the temptation one more year or fall for one item from my selection? I have ‘curated’ for you the nicest models on the web and I hope you find a lovely model to buy right now before they all end up out of stock because it’s all too late.

So here we go:

From Marks & Spencer

Embellished Mistletoe Novelty Jumper (£29.50)

Embellished Mistletoe Novelty Jumper

Animal Print Novelty Jumper (£29.50)

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Beautiful autumnal colours in Buckinghamshire/Les belles couleurs automnales anglaises

🇬🇧 I love the fact that in Europe we have 4 seasons. I know, I know what you are all going to say with climate change (and the dreadful global warming) those seasons get slightly jumbled up and we sometimes have really mild winter to end up having cold Spring etc. However, you cannot miss autumn whether it’s cold or mild, with all the leaves taking yellow, orange, brown and red colours, the whole scenery changes and give you a beautiful array of shades. In this post I want to share with you a great little spot we visited the place for the first time at the weekend and where the autumn colours were incredible!

🇫🇷 J’adore le fait qu’en Europe nous avons encore 4 saisons. Ok, ok, je sais exactement ce que vous allez me dire, avec le réchauffement climatique, lesdites saisons sont parfois pour le moins confuses avec des mois d’hiver ultra doux et des printemps caillants! Toutefois il est difficile de se tromper avec l’automne car avec le changement de couleurs des feuilles et leur chute, c’est un vrai spectacle que nous donne Mere Nature! Dans cette publication j’ai envie de partager avec vous ma découverte pour une charmant petit coin que nous avons visité pour la premiere fois le weekend dernier et ou les couleurs automnales étaient fabuleuses!

Autumn colours in the UK

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