My top 5 favourite soup recipes /Mes 5 recettes de soupe préférées

🇬🇧 In those winter months, soups are back on the menu. In our household we have made it a tradition to have a soup every Sunday evening. We try to have our meals with the kids at the weekend and I find a good soup on a Sunday evening is a great way to balance things out if we indulged a bit otherwise. Our kids get probably 2 soup diners a week which – I am not going to lie – is not always welcomed with a smile but when they have fish & chips at school or pizza, I feel it’s my duty to bring the vegetables back on their plates. Our toddler is a soup lover which is so great, may this long last!

Velouté de brocoli

I have tried lots of soup recipes (and will continue trying new ones on a regular basis) and today I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite ones. I could have probably made this list even longer as I am a big big fan of soups but I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone;)

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Cauliflower gratin wonder/L’imbattable gratin de choux-fleur

🇬🇧I am not a massive fan of plain cooked cauliflower. I love it raw with a nice fromage frais and chives sauce to nibble on, I love it in soup with some nice cumin but cooked, I find it sometimes a bit strong. However I love it in gratin and I have found a delicious recipe (tried and tested for you) that I would like to share with you. The kids even love it (all 3 of them!).


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