5 new great products you should try out

I love trying out new products, there is something to do with my naturally curious personality. Sometimes I end up returning to the products I used beforehand but sometimes I find a few gems. Today I wanted to share a few recent finds of mine:

Method Anti-Bac

BAC method rhubarb smell : I discovered this brand – Method Products –  while watching one of the insta stories of my first midwife turned Instagram sensation Mother of daughters. She intrigued me. I mean, who can get excited by cleaning product? Sadly we still live in an era where ladies often get in charge of the cleaning so a good product with a nice smell can get us mildly excited. That smell is certainly heaven. Far less strong than your typical cleaning product as they prefer ingredients that come from plants (and not from harsh chemicals). They have a great range and you can find their products in most supermarkets. Continue reading